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May 20, 2018, 04:08:23 AM
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[TOC] Table of Contents | Topics Planks A-Z
plank Four Hearts
tags partial marble-effect, cheerfull, playfull

temporary photo
year quarter 2017 Q3
measurements (mm) 200 x 200 x 18
paintsystem acryl/alkyd
inner AEA with diverse pigments
front sat. acryl lacque
side gls. anthracite
back gls. anthracite
hanging system Velociraptor™
price (euro) 80,-
weight (gram) 1600
shipment 10,-
status in stock
delivery 3 days
comment Hangs diagonally.
extra picture 1
Study object.
story SVG-design on the basis of a PHP-program (Savage SVG-CMS)
legend 1) gls.=gloss | sat.=satin | mat.=matte | AEA=Alabastine multi-purpose putty
2) shipment and delivery very much depends on the customer's location
SVG design
download SVG design_ar_four-hearts2.svg (13.13 KB)
open SVG design_ar_four-hearts2.svg (shows image in a new tab-page)
legend SVG-images are correctly shown in FireFox and Safari, however, in Chrome and IE they might slightly differ.

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