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May 20, 2018, 04:11:56 AM
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series Embedded
title EMBEDDED (subtitled)
journalist Barry Slow (AR)
category VHP
tags monologue, war-reporter, absurdistic, embedded journalism
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status public
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language en
duration 7m57
published 27.01.08
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Embedded (journalism)

KBK: This is the KBK-WorldService

KBK: You are now listening to "Reporters Unleashed"
KBK: a program that focuses on local developments with possibly global repercussions

KBK: Today, our foreign-affairs correspondent Barry Slow reports from Riven
KBK: where tensions are running high since the latest brutal assasination-attempt
KBK: on it's principal ruler, Mr. Gehn.

KBK: Barry delivers an in-depth analysis that will help the general public at large
KBK: to understand what lies exactly at the core of this conflict
KBK: and which implications are involved.

KBK: This is the KBK-WorldService.

KBK: Now, in "Reporters Unleashed",
KBK: correspondent Barry Slow takes us to Riven. . . .

KBK: We apologize for the somewhat poor technical quality of his video-report.

-- from here on Barry Slow is reporting --

BS: (Thàt was pretty close.)

The Gehn-Moiety-conflict escalates, I'm afraid,
The violent borderclashes last week have had a terrible follow-up.

Mr.Gehn, to some a dictator, to others a saviour,
has escaped an assasination-attempt, last Friday, by the Moiety.
It has been their third attempt in just one month.

One security personnel was killed and several others were badly injured.
The assaillant could get away, however.

According to a Moiety-spokeswoman, who whishes to remain unknown,
the pressure on Mr. Gehn to withdraw from power is mounting by several means.


By sabotage, assasination attempts and propaganda.
But most of all, by launching huge offensives.


The islands' main powerplant has been damaged twice resulting in foodshortages and powerdown
of the paperproducing-plant and the local hospital, as well.
Then again by severely interrupting policing and by threatening to kill Mr. Gehn himself.

The Moiety has won global support lately for it's succesfull capture of the second man in the regime,
mister . . . general Bull-y-Zuck.
The latter being overrun by Moiety-troops on the western part of the front 
where a major Moiety-offensive could not be repelled by the regime's forces.

This defeat, 3 complete divisions being wiped out and
the troops of another 4 divisions taken as prisoners of war
together with the confinement of the highest-ranking officer,
may prove to be decisive in this conflict
which is entering, as of today,
it's fifth stage and it's 30-th year.

Mister Bull-y-Zuck will appear in court at the UN-tribunal in The Hague
at the beginning of next year as he is being accused of warcrimes.
He is said to have been responsible for the masskilling of citizens in and around Ma-o-ti
during the fierce springoffensive this year.

According to some political observers future negotiations have become less probable
due to the recent escalation in spite of the governments' losses and setbacks.

This fact being proven by the recent purchase of 200 modern artillery-pieces on the global weapons market
that are to be diverted mainly to the western front, according to some military analysts;
they have perceived a massive buildup of forces along the new borderline to the west.



Still, no accurate news is being heard from the eastern part.

Over there, 'silent' trench-warfare is ruling:
the 24-hour shelling of Moiety-strongholds by the governments' forces
can be heard in the capital as a continuous rumble
shocking it's residents who fear to have to flee to neighbouring Xtlan
before winter (. . . .
. . .) falls,


as foodshortages have become part of every day life
and even water has become a precious commodity.

Moreover, the International Red Cross is practically paralyzed.
The regime will be adhering to its power and remains unwilling to enter talks with the Moiety,
who are being qualified by Mr. Gehn as "terrorists, unfit to negociate with".

Also, Mr. Gehn still refuses to set free Catherine, a senior Moiety-ideologist who,
ironically, is married to Atrus, Mr. Gehn's son. . . .

It all comes down to a rather serious classical father-son-conflict 
not being handled properly which has, 
on its turn, negative consequences for the islands and 
meanwhile threatens the military and hence political stability
in the whole region.

This is Barry Slow from Riven.

Thank you.

(author is AR)

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