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May 20, 2018, 04:13:38 AM
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series HQ SCDR
title HQ1 - Declaration of Independence
category VHP
tags swollen language, seccesionist, angry white man, absurdistic theater
download VHP_HQ1_Declaration-of-Independence.mp4 (20.4 MB)
status public
Youtube link link to this video (key=s0hhBkQA5UM)
Youtube channel link to this channel (in total: 298 subscribers 1,736,144 views on 25-march-2018)
language us
duration 5m20
published 08.07.08
views 2010 167
views 2015 245
views 2018 252
comment HQ SCDR stands for HQ of the Second Confederate Dutch Republic
story AR was about to be evicted. . . that's why
(text by AR)


Declaration of Independence

I, Citizen Rasing, hereby declare
my State of Independence.

I represent the People
and thereby declare also
the State of Independence of the People.

I, for the People, formally pronounce that,
as of today, (effective from 14.00 hours)
June 16th in the Year of the Lord 2005,
a state of war exists between
the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
and us, the People.

I cannot tolerate the Royal Government
to neglect and repress Citizens,
whether by stealing from them,
whether by plunging them into poverty,
or by denying them their Basic Civil Rights,
any longer.

If my own Government oppresses me
than I have the
right to resist,
to fight and persist
and I regard this resistance as a duty as well.

I promise that I will lead all the People
out of Slavery into Freedom
turning them into proud and decent Citizens,
providing them with a ReNewed Earth,
onto a true New World Order.

As of this day,
I shall put The People on the
Path of Secession
that ultimately will lead to
the Second Confederate Dutch Republic.

So help me God

Soon, I will put forward
the Terms of Civil Resistance and
the Terms of Inclusive Solutions and
will make them available, nationwide.

For the moment
I ask the People to
h o l d    p o s i t i o n !
h o l d    y o u r   f i r e !
and to      wait for my mark
to      cry out yer rebel yell
and         b e        r e a d y !
And. Show some  
s p i n e. Right now.

Dear Citizens, I love you all.
I mean all of you, The People.

Power to The People!
Thank you.

Thank you for your attention, ladies and gents.

See you soon. 'Bye.

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