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May 20, 2018, 04:14:42 AM
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series HQ SCDR
title HQ3 - Terms of Civil Resistance
category VHP
tags swollen language, seccesionist, angry white man, absurdistic theater
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status public
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language us
duration 5m18
published 10.07.08
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views 2015 159
views 2018 168
comment HQ SCDR stands for HQ of the Second Confederate Dutch Republic
story AR was about to be evicted. . . that's why
(text by AR)


Terms of Civil Resistance

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome at HQ of the Second Confederate Dutch Republic.

  situated somewhere in the south-eastern part of Batavia
  which is located at the heart of the European Confederacy.
As being announced in our press releases earlier 
  the general public would be informed about 'The Terms'.
This video message brings you the first of the four sets of Terms.
They are compilations of clear and well-understandable directives.

Well, these are the five Terms of Civil Resistance or TCR in short.

   Term 1) Thou shall resist governmental or business harassment by ways of taking:
      a) juridical,
      b) political,
      c) economical and
      d) militant
      steps whereby injuries or loss of life always be avoided.
   Term 2) Thou shall make use of other means when steps, 
        as meant under the First Term, do not produce desirable results.
      Other means include:
      - strikes,
      - roadblocks,
      - media-offensives,
      - making the enemy pay dearly,
      - internet-warfare and e-mail bombardments,
      - boycotts and embargoes.
          Comprising: consumer-revolt, consumer-strikes, consumer-boycotts.
   Term 3) Thou can be most effective when the following is being perceived:
      - using the Power of the Number of Resistors, 
      - gaining public support, and
      - showing perseverance.
   Term 4) Thou shall develop a Smart Strategy: 
       'All options as stated below ultimately lead to negotiations'
      - organizing,
      - warning shots,
      - outflanking,
      - outsmarting,
      - frontal assault,
      - humiliating defeat,
      - besiegement,
      - cutting down enemy supplylines,
      - disrupting the enemy command infrastructure, or
      - any combination of the above.
   Term 5) Thou shall explain any Proper Policy:
      - exercising effective 'stick & carrot-policy',
      - gaining a strong negotiation position,
      - promoting the agenda of the 'Rainbow Nation':
        a) fundamental political changes 
            that will give the People back their Power,
        b) fundamental social changes
            that will give the People back their Basic Rights,
        c) fundamental biological & ecological changes
            that will give the People back clean air, water and soil.

These five Terms comprised the TCR.
Remember, they are not absolute definitions as such, 
instead, they provide for a sense or notice of direction, of the flow.

Thank you, ladies and gents, for your kind attention.

Power to The People!

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