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July 02, 2020, 02:48:41 AM
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SUBTITLES: Russian plus English

Brave Russsians !

I salute you, heirs of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Tremendous suffering has been brought to you, but you fought back. You are to be considered as our liberators also, for you have delivered the necessary blood.
My freedom - which I cherish very much -, is founded partly on russian sacrifice as well, so I realize, for which I am grateful.

As a token of my gratitude I present to you this video.
Russian soldiers sang 'Katyusha' whilst axis forces sang 'Lili Marlen', is it not?
This video has subtitles in cyrilic, westernized russian and english.
Hopefully, you are rejoiced by this song and the pictures that are embedded.

Kind regards,

Arnaud Rasing
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

As I am a Dutch citizen I politely ask the Russian people to help resolve the MH17-disaster by fully and whole-heartedly co-operating with the Joint Investigation Team.
This would be helpful to honour the casualties and remaining families, relatives and friends and reassure all those involved and all those who are keenly observing this matter.

This might also prove to be helpful to improve relations with what we tend to call the 'European Family' and - of course - Malaysia and Australia in particular.

May I suggest that consecutive conferences are to be organized in the not-too-distant future with ALL the parties and respective nations partaking.
The first convention to be held in Paris (assessment, briefing), the second in Kiev (fact-finding), the third in Moscow (fact-finding), the fourth in Vienna (re-assessment, analysis) and the final convention in Minsk (consequences and conclusion).

By ensuing these talks slowly but surely the truths will emerge. There will be legal implications. There will be a number of convictions. So be it.

There are lessons to be learned with regard to airtraffic safety, international co-operation and mutual trust-building. May it be so.



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