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Title: [plank] saying: Un-erglaublich
Post by: Arnaud Rasing on May 20, 2018, 04:05:20 AM

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plank Un-erglaublich
tags carnival, gothic
year quarter 2012 Q2
measurements (mm) 550 x 220 x 8
font Plain Germanica
paintsystem alkyd
pre-treatment gls. transparant yacht coating (3x)
inner wood putty (1x)
front gls. transparant yacht coating (3x)
side gls. black (1x), transparant yacht coating (3x)
back gls. transparant yacht coating (2x)
extra picture 1
Idea: 'Jetzt alles sofort ab-erschliessen !'
story ODER: Naturlich ist La Nouvelle Cuisine nur er-fundenes Fressen.
legend 1) gls.=gloss | sat.=satin | mat.=matte | AEA=Alabastine multi-purpose putty
2) shipment and delivery very much depends on the customer's location