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Title: [plank] totem: Quisticus
Post by: Arnaud Rasing on May 20, 2018, 04:07:30 AM

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plank Quisticus
tags design AR, glass-in-lead-effect

temporary photo
year quarter 2017 Q2
measurements (mm) 214 x 800 x 12
paintsystem alkyd/acryl
pre-treatment gls. light pickle (2x), hgl transparant yacht coating (2x)
inner acrylic putty with dry pigments (3x)
front sat. transparante acryl lacque (5x), acrylic varnish (2x)
side sat. transparante acryl lacque (7x)
back sat. transparante acryl lacque (2x)
price (euro) 100,-
weight (gram) 1900
shipment 20,-
status in stock
delivery 3 days
story Designed in 2013 and finished in 2017.
legend 1) gls.=gloss | sat.=satin | mat.=matte | AEA=Alabastine multi-purpose putty
2) shipment and delivery very much depends on the customer's location