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Title: [construction] furniture: CD-rack with SVG-design
Post by: Arnaud Rasing on May 20, 2018, 04:22:43 AM

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title CD-rack
category furniture
tags fairly simple design, optimal use of space, practical, fixed to the wall

photo AR
year quarter 2011 Q4
measurements (mm) 536 x 1400 x 150
materials blockboard, some screws and a few nail-plugs
extra picture 1
foto AR
SVG design
download SVG construction_CD-rack.svg (53.03 KB)
open SVG construction_CD-rack.svg (shows image in a new tab-page)
explanation This furniture has the precise dimensions so space is being used optimally.
Clearly visible are the girders for the CDs and some girders for DVDs as well.
legend SVG-images are correctly shown in FireFox and Safari, however, in Chrome and IE they might slightly differ.