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Constructions / [construction] celtic: Single Knot
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:57:29 PM »

[TOC] Table of Contents | Topics Constructions AZ
title Single Knot
category celtic

specimen, sample, try-out
year quarter 2017 Q2
measurements (mm) 238 x 116
materials plywood 12 mm
SVG design
download SVG celtic_SingleKnot.svg (12.04 KB)
open SVG celtic_SingleKnot.svg (shows image in a new tab-page)
explanation The depicted SVG is a compiled file, namely an object-file from a .SAVAGE-source.
The image itself is the result of an algorithm specifying the dimensions and the matrix etc.
SAVAGE is developed by Arnaud as a CMS to his collection of SVG-designs.
More info can be obtained by sending me an email with your requests.
(info at verfkabouter dot nl) OR (arnaud dot rasing at gmail dot com)
legend SVG-images are correctly shown in FireFox and Safari, however, in Chrome and IE they might slightly differ.

Constructions / [construction] celtic: Four Hearts
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:57:15 PM »

[TOC] Table of Contents | Topics Constructions AZ
title Four Hearts
category celtic

specimen, sample, try-out
year quarter 2017 Q3
measurements (mm) 200 x 200 mm
materials plywood 18mm
extra picture 1
SVG design
download SVG celtic_FourHearts.svg (13.14 KB)
open SVG celtic_FourHearts.svg (shows image in a new tab-page)
explanation The depicted SVG is a compiled file, namely an object-file from a .SAVAGE-source.
The image itself is the result of an algorithm specifying the dimensions and the matrix etc.
SAVAGE is developed by Arnaud as a CMS to his collection of SVG-designs.
More info can be obtained by sending me an email with your requests.
(info at verfkabouter dot nl) OR (arnaud dot rasing at gmail dot com)
legend SVG-images are correctly shown in FireFox and Safari, however, in Chrome and IE they might slightly differ.

Marquetry in detail / [plank] marquetry: Ménorable
« on: May 20, 2018, 05:25:46 AM »

[TOC] Table of Contents | Topics Planks A-Z
plank Ménorable
tags marmble-effect, gold-, silver- en bronze-colours

temporary photo, flashlight
year quarter 2018 Q4
measurements (mm) 420 x 297
paintsystem alkyd/acrylic
inner special putty that crackles
front acrylic varnish
side alkyd grey
back alkyd grey
hanging system Velociraptor™
price (euro) 314635,13
weight (gram) 3200
status in stock
delivery max. 3 days
extra picture 1
temporary photo, daylight
extra picture 3
On the backside two expressions found on the ancient temple of Apollo at Delphi:
  • gnosti saitón; know thyself, and
  • méden agan; nothing in excess.
story The artefact is a depiction of the israeli-palestinian conflict; the jewish menorah with the pan-arabic colors in the background but. . . everything surrounded in bloody red. . .
legend 1) gls.=gloss | sat.=satin | mat.=matte | AEA=Alabastine multi-purpose putty
2) shipment and delivery very much depends on the customer's location

Plays / [play] VHP: The Trilogy, part 3 Revelation
« on: May 20, 2018, 05:25:09 AM »

[TOC] Table of Contents

The Trilogy (2001)

part 3 Revelation

 R E V E L A T I O N 

01 - Introduction Rev.Rascall - UK/USA (6:35)

  (unconstrained, natural, casual, relaxed attitide, speak clearly and quietly)
  (place: coulisse; public cannot see you, wireless microphone does the trick)
  (if not in possesion of wireless microphone then turn back to public . . .)

  RR:   Oh, Lord.
        Won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz. . .
  T:    He's drunk, Watson. Tipsy, to say the least.
  W:    Always, sir, always.
        He should take his pills, sir.
  T:    Hurry Watson, apply the bastard 
        his tranquilizer, vomitizer, neutralizer, paralyzer or whatever.
  W:    So indeed so very needed, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !
        Dirty little creature.
  RR:   My friends all drive Porsche . . . .
  W:    You should swallow this neutralizer, your Reverend  !
  RR:   Hi, Watson-boy, thank ya. 
        There you go !

  (RR comes up with a Big Bible in his hand plus a bottle of Southern Comfort)
  (here starts the music from J.C. Superstar CD1:Track 9 Simon Zealotes)
  (combined with the Rev. dancing around the place, inviting public to dance)
  (perhaps later on: add a couple of dancers, dance just like they do in the movie)
  RR:   (must respire here to come to grips with the text)
        Cherished parish o'mine. 
        A good and blessed day to ya all.
        We'll do two modern psalms by father Nick Cave, 
        based on the Good Book and others.
        Last we'll resort to the Eagles hymn.
        Then I'll bless ya all and sermon ends.
        We'll go home after a couple o'drinks.
        And with a blessed smile we'll sleep                    (Forza ! build tension )
        and have the brightest dream of the decennium.
        Amen to that.                                         (ATT means 'Amen To That')
        When I pushes this button you see the light. . .flashing AMEN !
        You all says AMEN ! You all shouts AMEN ! You all screams AMEN !
  PUB:  AMEN !

  ('Pelan Pelan', pause, give public time to get accustomed to RR, breathe)
  (turn back to public, turn away from public and start this conversation)
  (Teacher is concerned, Watson is in control, Rev. Rascall is sobering)

  (- - - > here starts the Teacher's comments and Watson's replies,  PTO)

  T:    Oh, my God !
        Now it can no longer be stopped, Watson.                (panic !)
  W:    So indeed so very in-stop-pable, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !
        What if he deteriorates, Watson ?
  W:    Don't worry, sir. I've got all kinds of drugs.
        Every mood can be changed, sir.
  T:    Be alert, Watson, be alert !
        Because the man is a complete and utter disaster, Watson !
  W:    Don't be so rude upon him, sir.
  T:    I'm not ! But when he oracles, then. . .
  W:    Oracles, sir ?
  T:    Indeed, Watson, oracles indeed.
  W:    So indeed so very oracling, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !
        If the man makes one false move then we take over.
        Do you hear, Watson ?
  W:    You are being very blasphemous, sir.
  T:    Pòh ! Blasphemous !
  W:    I suggest we let the reverend speak for himself, sir.
        No matter what.
  T:    No matter what, eh ?
        Do you realize the consequences, little man ?
        He starts by being devastating to the mind.
        Then to the blood pressure.
        Then to the adrenaline-level and 
        finally he reaches your heart in a creepy way, Watson.
  W:    That's the reverend all right, sir.
  T:    mYes. Stop it !
  W:    I can't , sir, the show must go on !
        (RR is returning to 'normal' position)
  RR:   You two be quiet or else God will strike you with my Bible !

  RR:   Lord, we're gathered here to praise your works.
        Lord, accept the next prayer please.
        (RR closes eyes, performs a prayer)        
        Lord,    I trust upon Thee.
        Lord,    we trust upon Thee.
        Lord,    we ask forgiveness for our sins, and yes,
        Lord,    our sins are many.
        Help us to love each other.
        Help us not to bash the heads of our enemies to jelly.
        Help us to overcome all the difficulties life keeps popping up with.
        Et nomini Patri et Figlio et Spiritu Sanctu !

  RR:   Amen to that ! (drinking out of his bottle, taking a break, just pause)
  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   (breathe, build up the tension. . .)
        Now we all remember              the beloved and wise Rev. Martin Luther King.
        Now we all recall                that famous speech of his in Washington (.) DC.
        Now we all knows                 that he had a dream.
        In that dream
                  he saw human kind being really mature. As grown-up.
        In that dream 
                  he saw whites and blacks treating each other like equals.
        In that dream 
                  he saw justice being done to each and everyone of us.
        In that dream 
                  he saw before him a true (.) new (.) world order.
        Now.        (Breathe)
        Brothers and sisters, what does this all mean to us, I mean, for us ? ? ?

  (hi)  Now we all knows         that this was just a dream of his.
  (hi)  Now we all knows         that this dream can be realized, put to practice.
  (lo)  Now we all knows         what that means !
        Let's start         as off today, 
          as off right now 
          to realize that dream.
        'Cause.         Without dreams there can be no fulfillment.
        'Cause.         Without fullfillment our lives will remain empty. 
  (hi)  Let us pray       to the Allmighty and ask for strength and perseverance.
  (hi)  Let us pray       to the Good Lord and ask for wisdom.
  (lo)  Let us pray       to God and ask Him. . . .
          to save         our Souls,
          to save         the Souls of our beloved ones, and
          to save         the Souls of our enemies too; 
          past, present and future !        (hands indicate left, middle, right)

        Amen !
  PUB:  AMEN !

        Hallelujah !
        (RR swallowing a placebo pill and putting the bottle to his mouth to flush it)

  RR:   Well.
        I'm sorry but there ain't no musicians supportin'.         
        Ya see. 
        I am a bit embarassed. 

        The pianist has become disabled, the lid fell down on his hands.
                  Strange thing, 
                          'cause I blessed him on Monday.
        The guitarist is in hospital, he has been beaten up by another musician.
                  Strange thing, 
                          'cause I blessed the guy on Tuesday.
        The percussionist has got RSI-problems with both feet and hands.
                  Strange thing, 
                          'cause I blessed the guy on Wednesday.
        The whole choir has got a whiplash after a terrible bus-accident.
                  Strange thing, 
                          'cause I blessed them all on Thursday.
        The basist has been expelled; she has beaten up the guitarist.
                  Strange thing, 
                          'cause I blessed the gal on Friday
        So.         Ya all see. We'll just have to use a CD instead. . . .
        Follows a nice psalm by father Cave.
  MUL:  So.         Ya all see. I have to do it on my own. I hope you all forgives me.
        So.         Let me sing now and pay tribute to the Lord.
        So.         There I go, starting off with a fine text from father Cave.

  (- - -> NC: Into my arms)

  (only in case there really are musicians - - - > )

  RR:   Well.
        The ways of the Lord are mysterious.
        We do have 'a musician/musicians'  to volunteer (for tonight) ! 
        (. .)
        A warm applause for 'them/the pianist', please !
        (pronounce name(-s) of musician(-s) here)
  RR:   Halelujah ! 
        Praise the Lord !

02 - Nick Cave: Into my arms - USA (4:10)

  (this part should be song with a pianist supportin', EvdV)

          I don't believe in an interventionist God
          But I know, darling, that you do
          But if I did, I would kneel down and ask Him
          Not to intervene when it came to you
          Well, not to touch a hair on your head
          To leave you as you are
          If He felt He had to direct you
          Then direct you into my arms

  ref:    Into my arms, Oh Lord
          Into my arms, Oh Lord
          Into my arms, Oh Lord
          Into my arms

          And I don't believe in the existence of angels
          But looking at you I wonder if that's true
          But if I did I would summon them together
          And ask them to watch over you
          Well, to each burn a candle for you
          To make bright and clear your path
          And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love
          And guide you into my arms


          But I believe in Love
          And I know that you do too
          And I believe in some kind of path
          That we can walk down, me and you
          So, keep your candles burning
          Make her journey bright and pure
          That she'll keep returning
          Always and evermore


03 - Before Nick Cave:Far from me - USA (10:30)

  RR:   Amen to that ! (refering to NC:IMA, drinking out of the bottle)
  PUB:  AMEN !
  RR:   Well.        
        Let me tell you a bit about myself now.                (teeth & mouth !)
        (. . .)
        I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in the year of the Lord, 1954.
        Yes, the very state Neil Young sang about, as did the Dooby Brothers.
        Eversince the Civil War the South is poor and Alabama ìs in a poor state.
        So my parents decided early to move on to Atlanta, Georgia.
        Poor Atlanta that has suffered so much from the Civil War.
        Gen. Sherman burnt the city down during his campaign in 1864. 
        Like a tank he roled from the center towards shore. 
        Yes, the Civil War was a harsh war with many casualties.
        Our family always supported them Rebs (and will remain to do so).
        That's why people keep saying that I'm the Rebel Reverend.
        Two of my grand-grand-nephews fell in that war, my parents told me.

        Richard B. Rascall graduated at West-Point, he was a fine officer but it
        was a union-bayonet that finished him off at Gettysburg.  Poor Ricky.
        Kenneth J. Rascall loved nitro-glycerine a bit too much, I guess. 
        'Cause he drank a lot.
        Like an elephant drinks water, he drank pure tennessee whiskey. 
        So, with shakin' hands he should not have treated that stuff. 
        He blew himself up.  Poor Kenny. Well.        
        Strange thing though, the Civil War is the one and only conflict on our 
        proper soil, eversince. Set aside the sneaky attack on Pearl Harbour.
        We Americans like to keep it that way, I guess. 
  RR:   So help us God !

        What about september? What about the 11th ? I ain't saying nothing !
        Well.        It has remained a family tradition for a long time to send our oldest
        sons to West-Point Academy.
        Yes.                                                                (teeth & mouth !)
        In World War I lieutenant James W. Rascall fell in Flanders. Poor Jamie.
        In World War II captain John D. Rascall fell in France. Poor Johnny.
        Colonel Ernest J. Rascall fell in Korea. Poor Ernie.
        Captain Bernard V. Rascall fell in 'Nam. Poor Berny

        So, my parents felt to break with that bloody tradition and sent me to a
        civilian college to study religious matters. In order to change things a bit. 
        So, that's why I became a reverend instead of an officer. 
  (hi)  Sometimes        (lo)        I feel like having missed a lot of action and fun.
  (hi)  Sometimes        (lo)        I feel like being a treator to my ancestors. 
  (hi)  I hope they all forgives me. 
  (lo)  And my parents too, for their mistake.
        We Americans love to wage war. 
        Oh, how we love it.
        When sometimes we're invited by the Europeans to join in a conflict,
        we seem to hesitate. 
  (hi)      But, by God, how we love to scream and yell a bit about the place. 
  (lo)      Hit the bad guys with whatever sticks we carry.
  (lo)      We were the very first to really nuke some other folks. 
        What fun that was.
        No more a true Big One ever since !
        Halelujah !
  PUB:  Halelujah !
        Yes, it has lead to the dominant position we take in the world of today.
  RR:   God bless America !
        We're the only superpower left since the Cold War ceased.
        Them Ruskies capitulated in fact.
           Jessie Helms, former Congresman from North-Carolina,
                  must really be a happy man by now.
        We've the finest forces in the world.
        Oh, how we love military tradition.
        Oh, how we love our hardware.
        From time to time we can demonstrate how effective it is.
        Ask Saddam and Slobodan, for example. 
  (hi)     They have learned to appreciate. 
  (lo)     Only sometimes things go wrong a bit, like in 'Nam.
        We didn't belong there in the first place.
        Nor did the French there before. 
        A terrible mess it was. 
        Let's forget about 'Nam.
  RR:   Amen to that !
  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   So here I am, on tour in Europe. 
        Sightseeing a bit. 
        Strawling around a bit.                                        (step aside the pulpit !)
        Do you know what my favourite meal is when I'm in Europe ?
        I mean in France for example ? In Paris for example ?
  (hi)    I goes to McDonald's,
  (lo)    how dare them French call it McDO ?                        (head side-ways)
  (hi)    and ask for a big burger with lots of them European Onions.
        I mean lots of them !                                        (teeth & mouth !)

        Yes.                                                                (return to the pulpit !)
        Doin' Europe in a week is just plain fun to us Americans. 
        We love to be here.  
        Ask Clinton (sniff the cigar and lay it back). Ask all the others. 
  (lo)  But no more fighting over here. Set aside the small Kosovo-crisis. 
  RR:   The Europeans have decided to join hands. They started a common market 
        and have even decided for a single currency: the Euro.  (mouth!)
        Very nice original name. 
        Mr. Watson told me about it and explained some of the advantages.
        Well. I'm impressed !
        Maybe in a century or so the Big Wars of the 20th Century are taken as
        European Civil Wars too. 
  (lo)    You never can tell.

        I must admit that we Americans feel there's a danger that Europe wants
        to retake it's former power and become the worldleader again.
        In the New World Order only economic power counts.
  (lo)  That is, only to some of us. 
        The happy few !                                        (look very mean !)
  (hi)  But what, my Dear Flock,  
          does the New World Order really imply ?        (blink!)
  (lo)  I thinks that what is really needed here are things:
          Like political             freedom !
          Like economic              benefits !
          Like decent jobs and good wages !
          Like proper                health-care ! 
          Like proper                housing ! 
          Like proper                education !
  (hi)  For EVERYBODY on EVERY continent !                     (Bang on table !)
  (lo)  Like proper                government under spiritual guidance !
        Novus Ordus Mundo ? 
        As stated on every 1-dollar bill (?) is by no means reality now !

        It's up to us, Americans, if we decide for so-called Isolationism under President Bush. 
        Junior (!).
        What a man he is (!). 
  RR:   Halelujah ! 
        Very democratically elected !                          (. . .)
        Very enlightened ideas he has.                         (. . .)
        The most powerfull man in the world !                  (. . .)
        I will not beat around the Bush. 
        I be honest when I tell ya that one of the most well-known american 
        actors ever,                 once said:     'Let Po-land, be Po-land !'.
        I knows I'm not the only one saying         'Let Bush, be bush !'.

  (lo)  Because . . . .
  (hi)  With one Bush on the button he can unleash megatons of pure power.
        Without being hit by any other folks due to that splendid shield of his.
        You just wait 'n see !
        (pause here, drink out of the bottle)

        And how he loves to fry bad people on the Chair. 
  (hi)  You might call him a good cook.
  (lo)  But I suspect him (. .) to be looking for some adventures abroad too. 
  (hi)  How he would love to fry Saddam on Texas-furniture. 
  (hi)  How he would love to do the same to Slobodan, now that we have him.
        'Bout that I'm pretty sure. 

        Imagine some kind of barbecue !
        Imagine Junior and Senior having the biggest party of their life. . .
        when Saddam is being fried on the electric chair.
        So far so good.
        It's time to sing a song now and praise the Lord.
        Halelujah !

        The next one is by father Cave again. 
        It truely sends the shivers down my spine.
        He is talking about being alone.
        First I thought it's about being forsaken by God. That kind of feeling. 
        But he's talking 'bout his cat. 
        Cause when I asked him who the person was he was referring to, he said 
            'my pussy, rev, my pussy' ! (pronounce differently)
        I hope he be sane and sound forever more.

        Amen to that !
  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   Halelujah !

04 - Nick Cave: Far from me - USA (5:25)

          For you, dear, I was born
          For you I was raised up
          For you I've lived and for you I will die
          For you I am dying now
          You were my mad little lover
          In a world where everybody fucks everybody else over
          You who are
          So far from me
          So far from me
          Way across some cold neurotic sea
          Far from me

          I would talk to you of all manner of things
          With a smile you would reply
          And then the sun would leave your pretty face
          And you'd retreat from the front of your eyes

          I keep hearing that you're doing your best
          I hope your heart beats happy 
          In your infant breast
          You are so far from me
          Far from me
          Far from me
          There is no knowledge but I know it
          There is nothing to learn from that vacant voice
          That sails to me accross the line
          From the ridiculous to the sublime
          It's good to hear you're doing so well
          But really can't you find somebody else 
          That you can ring and tell ?
          Did you ever care for me ?
          Where you ever there for me ?
          So far from me

          You told me you'd stick by me
          Through the thick and through the thin
          Those were your very words
          My fair-weather friend

          You were my brave-hearted lover
          Well, at the first taste of trouble
          Went running back to mother
          So far from me
          Far from me
          Suspended in your bleak and fishless sea
          Far from me
          Far from me

05 - After NC:SFFM - USA (0:30)

  RR:   Amen to that ! (drinking out of his bottle)
  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   Cherished parish o' mine.

        I really need a short break now.
        I thought I swallowed some equalizers, but I was wrong.
        I swallowed some vomitizers.
        So, I hope you all excuses me.
        I have to retreat just for a couple o' minutes.
        In order to swallow some neutralizers.

        Meanwhile one of them stupid commercials is following.
        Don't go away !                                        ( teeth & mouth !
        See ya soon !
        Try to enjoy the music meanwhile. (. .)

  RR:   God bless ya !

        (here starts the music, CD 1 track 6)
        (from Jesus Christ Superstar: Everything's allright)
        (RR goes to the bath room)
        (RR hands to mouth, nearby. Trying to stop vomiting)
        ( - - - > Before Desiderata)

06 - Before Desiderata - UK/USA (2:30)

        (location: bathroom ! make single sheet copy of pages (06)+(07) )
  T:    I'm going bananas with this Reverend. 
        The Rhetoric of the Reverend is Repulsive !
        He's uttering nonsense only. Let him be sent to any killing war-zone.
        We still have time to avoid him utter his horrific oracles any further.
        Besides he's poorly audible with that terrible slang of his.
        I want him to stop.  We take over, Watson, as of now !
  W:    That's is unheard of, sir, I cannot allow you !
  T:    Watson, go out of my way !
        I'm going to tell the Reverend that his sermon is over. I insist.
  W:    You are being very rude upon him again, sir.
        The Reverend still has at least a quarter of an hour to finish his job.
  T:    Oh, no, Watson !
        I will not permit him to oracle and rascall any further.
        Go out of my way, Watson !
  W:    I refuse, Sir, I will stand my ground. (defiant)
  T:    Watson ! (tries to hit him, left arm is uplifted)
  W:    mmmmmm (bends away fearfully, sounding like a frightened pig)
  RR:   Now don't you try to hit and haress that boy, Mr. Teacher,
        or else God will strike you (. .) with my bottle !
  T:    (suddenly afraid, overclassed etc.)
        I beg of you, Reverend, I wouldn't dare (sneaky, denying, great eyes)
  RR:   Keep it that way, brother, or else God might even decide to break a few
        of your bones (. .) with my hands.
  T:    (whispering)   Thàt will not be necessary, Reverend.
        (relieved that the danger has diminished)
  W:    Thank you, Reverend, for saving me.
  RR:   That's part of my job, boy. (. .)
        Now, hook it you two, I still got some preaching to do. (. . .)
        (swallowing a pill, drinking out of his bottle) 

  RR:   (walking back to pulpit, reposition, breathe in)
        Brothers and sisters.
        Let me tell you a bit about religious matters now.
        Once I encountered a truely miraculous text. 
        It is as crystal clear as the glass of my bottle.
        It's over three centuries old. (. .)
        It has been found in St. Pauls Cathedral in Baltimore, Maryland. (mouth !)
        Now you all listen carefully to the utterances and 
        try to grasp it's beauty and universality. 
        There I go.

        (only if neccesary then . . .)
  RR:   Some (.) silence (.) please..)                 (wait until all noise etc. disappears)

07 - Desiderata - USA (2:00)

          Stay calm amidst all noise & all haste.
          And remember how peaceful silence can be.
          Remain to be on good terms with everyone without denying yourself. 
          Speak the truth, calmly and clearly & listen to others.
          Even if they seem to be simple & ignorant, they too have something to tell.
          Avoid clamorous & aggressive people, they are a torment to the spirit.
          When comparing yourself to others you might become vain or embittered; 
          there will always be people better or worse than you yourself. 

 (hi)     Rejoice at what you have achieved & will achieve. 
          Keep paying attention to your development, but remain modest;        (teeth!)
          this is your true possession during the ever changing fortune in time. 
 (low)    Be cautious in business affairs, because the world is full of deceit.
 (lo+)    Let this not distract you from true values; 
 (l++)    many strive for high ideals & nearby you encounter heroisme everywhere.

 (hi)     Be yourself. 
 (hi)     Do not feign affection. 
 (hi)     Do not be cynical in matters of love, 
 (lo)     because she is eternal like grass versus all the dryness & disillusionment.

          Accept kind-heartedly the climbing of the years, 
          renounce your youth gracefully. 
          Delevelop fortitude to be armed against unexpected reverses. 
 (low)    Do not worry over figments of your imagination. 
 (lo+)    Fear is often born out of tiredness & lonelyness.
 (l++)    Practice sound self-discipline, but remain kind to yourself.

 (hi)     You are a child of the universe, 
          not less than the trees and the stars;
 (hi)     you have the right to be here. 
          Whether you understand it or not;
 (hi)     do not doubt about the universe unfolding itself as it should. 

 (lo)     Therefore, go with God in peace, 
          which ever way you imagine him & whatever you do or strive for: 
          keep having peace in your soul amidst the noisy confusion in life. 
          In spite of all hypocrisy & dullness & past dreams, 
 (hi)     this is still a beautiful world. 
 (lo)     Be careful !
 (lo)     Strive for happiness !

          (St. Paulscathedral Baltimore, Maryland  USA 1621?)

08 - Before The Eagles:The Last Resort - USA (1:00)

  RR:   Amen to That (refering to Desiderata, drinking from his bottle)
  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   I have to swallow one of them pills now. (looking at his watch)
        Not one of them vomitizers.
        Not one of them paralyzers.
        Not one of them neutralizers.
        But one of them tranquilizers, I guess.
        (swallowing a placebo pill, flushing it down with Southern Comfort)
        YES ! (Burp)
        That stuff makes me feel good. (looking at the pill-box)

        Where was I ?
        Ah, yes.
  RR:   About the previous text ?
  RR:   What is there more         to say about it ?
        What is there more         to add to it ?
        Perhaps         that we all carry a Seed that wants to grow to the Light ?
        Perhaps         the Divine Seeds in your very Hearts ?
  RR:   AMEN !
  PUB:  AMEN !

        I really feel like singing now.

        Halelujah !
        Praise the Lord !

        The next song is by the Eagles, called the Last Resort.

09 - The Eagles: The Last Resort - USA (7:25)

          She came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island
          Where the Old World shadows hang, heavy in the air
          She packed her hopes and dreams like a refugee
          Just as her father came accross the sea.

          She heard about a place people were smilin'
          They spoke about the red man's way, how they love the land
          They came from everywhere to the Great Divide
          Seeking a place to stand or a place to hide.

          Down in the crowded bars out for a good time
          Can't wait to tell you all what it's like up there
          And they call it Paradise,  I don't know why
          Somebody laid the mountains low, while the town got high

          Then the chilly winds blew down across the desert
          Through the canyons of the coast to the Malibu
          Where the pretty people play hungry for power
          To light their neon way and give them things to do

          Some rich men came and raped the land, nobody caught 'em
          Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and, 'Jezus', people bought 'em
          They called it Paradise, the place to be
          They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea


          You can leave it all behind, and sail to Lahaina
          Just like the Missionairies did, so many years ago
          They even brought in a neon sign 'Jezus is coming'
          Brought the white man's burden down, brought the white man's reign

          Who will provide the grand design, of what is yours and what is mine ?
          'Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here
          We satisfy our endless needs, and justify our bloody deeds
          In the name of destiny, and in the name of God

          And you can see them there, on Sunday morning,
          Stand up and sing about, what it's like up there
          They call it Paradise, I don't know why
          You call some place Paradise - kiss it goodbye

10 - Amen To That ! - USA (5:00)

  RR:   Amen to That ! (Drinking out of the bottle again)
  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   Brothers and sisters !

          St. Francis preached to the birds because he felt they dìd listen.
          Now I will not only do thàt, cherishered parish o'mine.
          Oooh, no. Oooh, no !
          I preach to the whole community of life. 
                  In this place.
                  In this city.
                  In this country.
          I mean. The whóle community of life !
                  On this continent.
                  On this planet and elsewhere !
          Because life is everywhere.

  (lo)  Where there's 
          some water, 
          some sunshine and 
          some air to breathe.

  (lo)  But there's a bit more to life then just:
  (lo)                EATIN', DRINKIN' and SLEEPIN'.
  (hi)        To intelligent life, however, there's even a bit more to it:
  (lo)                Like CO-OPERATION
  (lo)                Like SOCIAL COHESION
  (hi)                Like TOGETHERNESS
  (lo)        And to us, humans, still more than that:
  (hi)         Like FRIENDSHIP
  (hi)                Like RESPECT 
  (lo)                Like LOVE 

  RR:   Amen !
  PUB:  AMEN !

  (lo)        Only then follow such fine things:
  (hi)                Like        PRIDE
  (hi)                Like        HONOUR
  (lo)                Like        FULLFILLMENT        of the SOUL
  (lo)                Like        ENLIGHTENMENT        of the SPIRIT

  RR:   Amen !
  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   (taking a deep breath, drinking out of the bottle)

  (hi)        Now we all knows         
                  how the Sun provides         energy to sustain life.
  (hi)        Now we all know         
                  how the Moon provides        gravity for the tides.
  (lo)        Now we all knows 
                  how the Earth provides       rotation for days and nights.

  (lo)  There is a common source !

        If we, as a species, were ever to go beyond our solar system, 
        that would surely have implications. . . . 

  (lo)  We have the technology 
                  to set a man on the Moon,
          We will do the same, 
                  to set a man on Mars, quite soon.
          In the future we want 
                  to do the same, to set a man on  Orion.  (ori-oen ! surprised)
  (. . .)

  (lo)  When man        
                  set foot on the Moon,      the Cold War raged.
  (lo)  When man        
                  sets foot on Mars,         some Warm Wars will still exist.
  (hi)  When man        
                  wants to set foot on any planet outside the Solar System, however,
                           GOD will NOT permit us. 

  (lo)  As long 
                  as we have not cleaned up 
                          the terrible mess we've made on earth.
        As long 
                  as we threaten to destroy 
                          the eco-system itself and precious species.
        Like         tigers and elephants
        Like         dolphins and whales

  (lo)  Oh no !
  (lo)  Oh no !
  (hi)  Oh no !

        Life is stronger than Death. . . . 
        Always and everywhere !

  (hi)  GOD will not permit us to set any foot outside the solar system 
          as long as we cannot take care 
  (lo)  After we ourselves
        After all the living creatures,    tall or small, 
          on this magnificent planet       that is so abundant of life.
  (hi)  As long as we will-fully and knowing-ly do things:
  (lo)                Like burning         the rain-forests
  (hi)                Like polluting       the oceans
  (hi)                Like poisening       the air
  (hi)                Like changing        the climate
  (lo)                Like killing each other on an ever-increasing scale.

        (build in big joke here)
        We'll not even get beyond the planet URANUS !        (Your-Anus !)
  (hi)  WE ARE LOCUST !                        (We behave like locust. .)
        We eat         the vegetation away
        We eat         the animals away
        We eat        the Earth away !
  (lo)  How then ?
        How can we assume         we may just eat all the resources ?
        How can we assume         we may go out, exploring the Universe ?
        How can we assume         that we have the right to do so ?

  (lo)  Brothers and sisters.
  (hi)  GOD will not permit us to destroy this beautiful planet.
        Our HOME we call EARTH that we share with so many other species.
        If we do not grow up and become true house-keepers in time,
  (hi!)   then I say it's about time for Our Saviour to return:
        AMEN !
  PUB:  AMEN !

  (lo)  You might call me a rebel reverend.
        You might even call me a revelationist.
        Follows the one and only text from the Good Book I will citate:
  (lo)     Revelation 12 verse 5 :                                (St.James-bible)
  (HI !)     And she gave birth to a son, a male
  (HI !)     Who is to shepherd all the nations with an iron rod
  (HI !)     And her child was caught away to GOD and to his throne
  RR:   Amen to That ! (Nodding yes, drinking out of the bottle again)
  PUB:  AMEN !
  RR:   Halelujah !

  RR:   Rejoice        
                  because change is imminent !
                  because human kind is entering it's adulthood.
                  because a true New World Order is being born !

  PUB:  AMEN !

  RR:   Ever heard of the stepping stone effect ?
        I mean escalation. In a positive way. Progress !

  (lo)  Now you all bows                yer heads         
                  in a moment of silence.
        Now you all closes              yer eyes         
                  in a moment of prayer, first.

                  you're here, on Mother Earth 
                          this planet making one full rotation 
                                  itself in just one day
                  this planet making one full rotation 
                                  around the Sun in one year
                  this Solar System rotating somewhere in our Milky Way
                  this Milky Way rotating somewhere in the Galaxy
                          together with millions and millions of other Milky Ways.
                  this Galaxy rotating in itself and expanding still. 

  (lo)  Be thankful                 
                  that you take part in it, 
                                  that you live,
                                  somewhere in the vastness of this Universe.
  (lo)  Be thankfull                 
                          that others take part in it too,
                          that you are not alone.

  (hi)  Now try to realize that         
                          as you have the right to be here
                          all the others have that same right too !

  (lo)  Bless                 
                  your parents         and your grand-parents.
                  your brothers        and your sisters 
                  your children        and your grand-children.
  (hi)  Bless                 
                  your friends         and your neighbours

        (take a deep breath, be kind & gentle, filled with love and compassion:)
  RR:   I bless you all !         I love you all !         Go with the flow ! 
  (hi)  GOD bless ya !        (The Holy Spirit descends like a warm blanket . . .)

        BLESS !                
        AMEN !

  PUB:  AMEN !                (Make the move without pushing the AMEN-button)

        Halelujah !
        Praise the Lord !

  ( ->        Here starts the music from JC CD2:T7 Could we start again, please ?)
  ( ->        RR is dancing around the place.)

  RR:   What about September ? 
        What about the 11th ?
        I ain't saying nothing ! 
        Oh, no, not me !
        Oh, no !
  ( RR: Mr. Antonio would you please come forward please ? . . . )
  ( - - - - - > GM:Déclaration en arabe litéraire (Antonio/Michel ?)) 

  (- - -> after this: Nick Cave: As I sat sadly by her side. )

   © 2001/2005 VHP-Arnaud Rasing  legend:  ( )   actor  (.)   short pause  (..)  pause  (...) long pause  { }   audience  (lo)  low  (hi)  high  W:    Watson  T:    Teacher  RR:   Rev.Rascall  AR:   Arnaud  PUB:  Public, audience

Plays / [play] VHP: The Trilogy, part 2 EURO-logy
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[TOC] Table of Contents

The Trilogy (2001)

part 2 EURO-logy

 E U R O - l o g y 

01 - Before GM:Declaration - UK (2:05)

  T:    Order, order !                                                         (with stick !)
  T:    As an english teacher I very much appreciated that short play. 
        Good old home feelings and all that.         
        It clearly shows the superiority of english as a language.         
        Beautiful.        Indeed.                                              (all  UK-english)
  W:    (knock, knock)
  T:    Do come in !
  W:    Hello, Sir. It's me, sir, Watson.                                      (high voice, french-accent !)
  T:    Watson ! You're being late again !                                     (again)
  W:    Again, sir ?                                                           (e-gen)
  T:    Again !                                                                (uh-gain)
        May I be informed as to what the reasons are for your late attendance
        this time, mr. Watson ?
        12-year old disaster . . . .
  W:    It's the schoolbus again, sir. I'm sorry, sir.                         (e-gain)
        But the driver refused to accept euros, sir.                           (zuh draiveur)
        So I had to walk, sir.
  T:    And rightfully so, Watson.
        Bloody euros. I prefer pounds and pennies.
  W:    May I remind you, sir, that the euro is a legal currency already, sir.
  T:    So I've noticed, Watson. Tell us more about it  ! ! !
  W:    About the history, the participants, 
        the current state or the implications, sir ?                        
  T:    Dirty little creature ! 
        Sit down, Watson !
  W:    Thank you, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson ! 
        What's the subject matter for today's speech ?  What's first ?
  W:    The European Onion, sir.                                               (Zuh Uropian Onjon)
  T:    The whàt, Watson ? 
        'Zuh' European Onion, eh ?
        Talking about the continentals, are you, Watson ?
  W:    Europe, sir !
  T:    So what about it, Watson ? 
  W:    About the history, the participants,                                   (zuh historie . . .)
        the current state or the implications, sir ?                           (zuh empli-cations, zeurrr)
  T:    Dirty little creature. . . .     
        Stop making a fool out of me in front of the audiance, now will you ?
        What's first, Watson ?
  W:    A french poem, sir.
  T:    Pòh, a whàt ? Watson ! French, eh ?
  W:    I'm afraid so, sir.                                                    (AimZu-freed-ZoZeur)
  T:    So am I, Watson, so am I. Froggy, eh ?
        Well, let's get it over with quickly. Carry on . . . .

02 - Georges Moustaki:Declaration - FR (2:25)

        Je déclare l'état de bonheur permanent
        Et le droit de chacun à tous les privilèges.
        Je dis que la souffrance est chose sacrilège
        Quand il y a pour tous des roses et du pain blanc.

        Je conteste la légitimité des guerres,
        La justice qui tue et la mort qui punit,
        Les consciences qui dorment au fond de leur lit,
        La civilisation au bras des mercenaires.

        Je regarde mourir ce siècle vieillissant.
        Un monde différent renaîtra de ses cendres
        Mais il ne suffit plus simplement de l'attendre :
        Je l'ai trop attendu. Je le veux à présent.

        Que ma femme soit belle à chaque heure du jour
        Sans avoir à se dissimuler sous le fard
        Et qu'il ne soit plus dit de remettre à plus tard
        L'envie que j'ai d'elle et de lui faire l'amour.

        Que nos fils soient des hommes, non pas des adultes
        Et qu'ils soient ce que nous voulions être jadis.
        Que nous soyons frères camarades et complices
        Au lieu d'être deux générations qui s'insultent.

        Que nos pères puissent enfin s'émanciper
        Et qu'ils prennent le temps de caresser leur femme
C:      Après toute une vie de sueur et de larmes
        Et des entre-deux-guerres qui n'étaient pas la paix.

        Je déclare l'état de bonheur permanent
        Sans que ce soit des mots avec de la musique,
        Sans attendre que viennent les temps messianiques,
        Sans que ce soit voté dans aucun parlement.

C:      Je dis que, désormais, nous serons responsables.
        Nous ne rendrons de compte à personne et à rien
c:      Et nous transformerons le hasard en destin,
        Seuls à bord et sans maître et sans dieu et sans diable.

C:      Et si tu veux venir, passe la passerelle.
        Il y a de la place pour tous et pour chacun
c:      Mais il nous reste à faire encore du chemin
        Pour aller voir briller une étoile nouvelle.

(fort)  Je déclare l'état de bonheur permanent.

c C     Chante !

03 - Before Ange:LCLPLR - UK (1:35)

  T:    Froggy, eh ?
  W:    So indeed so very froggy, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !
        What's next ?
  W:    A french poem, sir.
  T:    Not froggy again, now do you hear, Watson ?
  W:    But it is in the script, sir.
  T:    Well. . . .
        If you promise to come up with (. . .)
        something completely different afterwards, Watson.
  W:    I will, sir, I will.
  T:    mYes . . .
        Continental bla bla, eh, Watson ?
        You spent too much time on the continent, Watson.
        That's what spoiled you, I'm afraid.
  W:    Not entirely correct, sir.
  T:    Did I ask for your opinion, Watson ?
  W:    No, sir.
  T:    Well then, carry on.
        You 12-year old catastrophe.
  W:    Thank you, sir.
  T:    What's this ''le Sjien, la Poebelie ee la Rosie'', eh ?
        Oh, Watson, it makes me want to vomit, really.
  W:    I'm sorry, sir, but it's beautiful poetry though, sir.
  T:    ''Cuises de grénoulles'', eh, Watson ?
        I'm not so fond on froggy frolic french fries. 
  W:    But.
        In Europe the French are our alies too, sir, after all.
  T:    Since when, Watson, since when ?
  W:    Since Waterloo, sir ?
  T:    Correct, Watson, correct.
        Now listen, you started talking french in my classroom, didn't you ?
  W:    So indeed so very true, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !         (eyes to heaven)
        I will continue with this froggy piece of text, for a change. . .
  W:    (anxious, excited, perplexed)
        You, sir ?
        Are you sure ?
  T:    Of course !
        Move away, Watson !

04 - Ange:Le Chien, La Poubelle et La Rose - FRUK (1:00)

  T:    (pronounce french text in UK-fashion, see example below)
        (the Teacher reads this text out aloud, badgering Watson)
  W:    (shocked, perplexed etc.)

        C'est à croire que le Chien
        Affichait famine comme un vieux trouvère !
        Vint à voir que Poubelle
        Châtrait sa belle mine par un ventre ouvert
                Les grands yeux gris du macadam
                Tartinaient le drame
                Chien pourlécha les épluchures
                D'une langue obscure....
                .... Sous le manteau du soir:
        L'hiver sera toujours le villain compagnon de la faim !

        C'est à croire que le chien
        Affichait famine sous un réverbère !
        Vit trop tard que Poubelle
        Quittait sa belle mine à fond de misère !
                La bête s'enfonça de plus belle 
                Que le rut fut cruel !
                Se griffant sur une épine,
                Il courba l'échine....
                .... Sous le manteau du soir;
        Hypnose, La Rose détourna le ruisseau du destin !

Seetakrwaar ke le sjeen 
Affisjee famien kom oen vjeo troevur
vent a vwaar ke Poebellie
Sjatree sa bel mien par un ventrie oevurt
        Les granddjeu due makadem
        Tartinee le draam
        Sjien poerlesja les eploesjuur
        Doen langi obskjoer
        . . Soe lee manto du swaar:
Liever seera toejoer lee vieleen kompanjon dee laa fem !

Seetakrwaar ke le sjeen
Affisjee famien soes un rievurbair
Vie tro taar ke Poubellie
Kietee sa bel mien a fondu mieser
        La bet sanfonsa de plu belly
        Ke le roe foe kroe-el !
        See grifent seur oen epien,
        Iel koerba leesjien. . .
        . . . Soe lee manto doe swaar;
Iepnosy, La Rosy deetoerna lee rwieso doe destien !

05 - Before Spenser:Amoretii - UK (0:50)

  T:    (very arrogant)
  W:    (shocked, bends away sideways)
  T:    How was I, Watson ?
  W:    Perplexing, sir.
  T:    Pòh !
        Per-plex-ing ?
  W:    Rather convincing, sir !
  T:    (sighs and frowns)
        mYes ! 
        (. .)
        What's next ?
  W:    From home, sir.
  T:    Finally, Watson.
        Well. . . 
        (. .)
        Don't keep me waiting for some good old home feelings and all that.
  W:    It's from Edmund Spenser, sir.
  T:    Wait a second.
        I know of him.
        He lived from 1552 until 1599, Watson. (provoking, arrogant)
  W:    (trying to be mean too)
        This Sonnet 75 of his was published in 1595, Sir.
        And is called 'Amoretti', sir.
  T:    'Emo-ret-tie', eh, sounds like spaghetti, Watson.
  W:    Mmjam, mjam (shakes his righthand tasty aside head)
  T:    (tries to hit him)
        Don't you dear, Watson, do thàt ! ! !
  W:    May I continue, sir ?
  T:    (throat: grrrr)
        You may, Watson
  W:    (So indeed so, sir)
  T:    (tries to hit him again, great angry eyes)

06 - Edmund Spenser:Amoretii - UK (1:15)

          One day I wrote her name upon the strand,
          But came the waves and washed it away:
          Again I wrote it with a second hand,
          But came the tide, and made my pains his prey.

          "Vain man", said she, that does't in vain assay
          A mortal thing so to immortalize,
          For I myself shall like to this decay,
          And eek my name be wiped out likewise.

          "Not so", (quoth I), let baser things devise
          To die in dust, but you shall live by fame:
          My verse your virtues rare shall eternize,
          And in the heavens write your glorious name,

          Where whenas Death shall all the world subdue,
          Our love shall live, and later life renew.

                Sonnet 75 published in 1595 
                by Edmund Spenser (1552-1599)

07 - Before Paolo Conte:PQCV - UK (1:20)

  T:    All the more touchy, Watson !
  W:    So indeed so very delicate, sir.                                (délicat, zeur)
  T:    Oh, shut up, Watson !
        I recognized the beauty of that sonnet very well, Watson.
  W:    But this was just the ''entrée'', sir.
  T:    The whàt, Watson ?
  W:    The first course, sir.
  T:    I mean, ''entrée'' you said, Watson ?
  W:    It's a regular english word, sir.
  T:    Pôh. 
        Watson, who is trying to educate whom here ?
  W:    (scratches his right ear)
        Now comes the ''pièce de résistance'', sir.
  T:    The whàt, Watson ?
  W:    The main course, sir.
  T:    Stop trying to make a fool out of me in front of the audiance,
        now will you, Watson ?
  W:    May I continue with this italian text, sir ?
  T:    Spaghetti, eh Watson, spaghetti ?                               (coming out of his left ear)
  W:    Mmmmmm !                                         (shakes right hand tasty waving aside head)
  T:    (. .)
        I lost two uncles in the war, Watson,
        one stepped on an italian mine during the battle for Tubruk.
  W:    I feel sorry for you, sir.
        In Europe the Italians are our alies too, sir, after all.
  T:    Since when, Watson, since when ?
  W:    Since Anzio, sir ?
  T:    Quite correct, Watson.
        You may continue.
        (hand indicating)

08 - Paolo Conte:Per Quel Che Vale - IT (0:50)

        (coi occhiali da sole ! non dimenticarli !)

        Vita d'artista. . . .
        come l'ho vista. . .  ho detto:
        questa è la mia. . . .
        ma cosa resta ?. . .  tutto inventato,
        e regalato a chi ?. . .   ma. . . ?

  r:    Ti frusti il corpo
        col fiore di
        un bel ricordo cosi. . . .
        l'amore di un giorno 
        ha deciso già
        di allontanarsi di qua. . . .

        che decadenza. . . la realtà. . .
        che differenza. . . un giorno fa. . .

        per quel che vale. . .
        è un fatto mio. . .
        e chiudo gli occhi all'oblio. . . .

  r: vuol dire ripetere quando sia una pianista

09 - Before ABocelli:ToMyFather - UK (1:35)

  T:    (spaghetti coming out of his ears)
  W:    ((smikkel, smak) righthand shaking aside his head)
  T:    Dirty little creature !
        How dare you, Watson ?
  W:    What's on, sir ?
  T:    Pòh !                                                   (frowns and looks severe)
  W:    May I ask you for a favour, sir ?                        (ee feeveur seur ?)
  T:    It depends, Watson, it depends.
  W:    Would you like to read this text out aloud, sir ?
  T:    Let me see.
        Ah, an english text, finally.
        Well in that case I see no harm in it, Watson.
  W:    It is a translation into english, sir.                        (la translation (Fr))
  T:    A trànslation, Watson.                                        (translation (UK))
  W:    Yes, sir, that's what I just said.                        (djoest zed)
        But the original is of an italian nature, sir.
  T:    Of a spaghetti nature, eh, Watson ?
        But I will do it.
  W:    A bit ''apazzionato'', please, sir !                        (ee biet . . .)
  T:    Pòh !
        A bit whàt, Watson ?
        Talking about passion, eh ? 
        The 12-year old creature is talking about passion !        (finger pointing)
  W:    I'm sorry, sir.
  T:    Funny little man, this Watson is.
        I would gladly see him executed on the courtyard of this school.
        Tomorrow afternoon.
        Just before tea.
  W:    You are being very mean, sir.
  T:    You mean me, Watson ?
  W:    So indeed so very mean, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !
        Let me carry on, now will you ?

10 - Andrea Bocelli:To my father - UK (1:30)

  T:    (proclaims text: very irritating and arrogant, badgering Watson)

  T:    May 6th, Nineteen-hundred nineteen-two (1992)
  W:    19-92, sir !
  T:    (furious !)
        Dear father
        It's useless to argue
        We'll never agree
        There's nothing strange with that
        30 years separate us
        Or maybe
        You are afraid
        Not to find the strength
        To stand by my side
        If the obstacles should stop me.
        Don't worry, listen to me
        I may have problems
        I may face infamous people but
  T:    (looking appalled at Watson, sideways)
        Nothing shall scare me
        Nothing shall corrupt me
        Nothing in the world 
        Will make me forget that
        I can win
        And I want to make it on my own
        And I want to make it on my own.
        I know it's difficult for you
        To justify
        Such a restless impatience to fight
        To dare the impossible.... I know
        You'll find it incredible 
        But the more I think about it the more I realise
        I am really like you
        And you don't know how I wish 
        Your strength will never leave you
        To have you next to me
        And never surrender

  T:    'Tsiajo Baboo'       : Ciao Babbo                
        'Ee prestooo'        : A presto

11 - Before ABocelli:A mio padre - UK (0:55)

  T:    (very arrogant and irritating)
        Passion ?
        There you have it.
  W:    (shocked and flabbergasted)
  T:    (to the loo with his left-hand fingers)
        I'm going to wash my hands, Watson.
        I should not move an instant away from you, Watson.
        I prefer not to listen to any spaghetti bla bla or whatsoever, Watson.
        So, there you have me.
  W:    I will keep it quiet, sir, meanwhile.
  T:    Pòh. 
        Watson, you ?
        You're not serious, you problemchild, you.
  W:    But I will, sir, I will.
  T:    mYes
        See you in a minute, Watson.
        (moves away)
  W:    Goodbye, sir.
        'Till soon , sir.
        Thank you, sir.

        (Watson is finally alone with the audiance)
        (Watson very relieved)
  W:    Pòh, he says.
        Puh, I say.
        Let's continue with that italian text before he returns.

12 - M.Malvassi/A.Bocelli:A mio padre - IT (1:25)

          (coi occhiali da sole ! non dimenticarli !)

          6 Maggio 1992

          Caro Babbo
          Inutile discutere
          D'accordo non saremo mai
          Che cosa c'è di strano in ciò
          Trent'anni ci separano
          O forse
          C'è il timore in te 
          Di non trovare più la forza
          D'essere al mio fianco
          Se gli ostacoli mi fermano.

          Non preoccuparti, ascoltami
          Avrò problemi
          Affronto infami ma
          Niente mi spaventerà
          Niente mi corromperà
          Niente al mondo
          Mi farà scordare che
          Posso vincere
          E voglio farcela da me. (2x)

          So bene che per te è difficile
          Questa smania di combattere
          Osare l'impossibile.... Lo so

          Ti sembrerà incredibile
          Ma più ci penso più m'accorgo che
          Assomiglio proprio a te
          E non sai come vorrei
          Che la forza non ti abandonasse mai
          Per averti qui
          E non arrendermi
          Mai !

          Ciao Babbo
          A presto

  (idea: BackStreetBoy saying 'Blast !' or 'Blimey!' or 'Bloody Arnauds!')
  (T:Who was that ?, W: Not me, sir !)

13 - Watson alone - UK (1:40)

  W:    Now that he is away, I have just some time to smoke a cigarette.
        We'll have a 5-minute break, right here. Follows a commercial too.
        Bye, bye, till then. . .                                         (tiel zen !)

  W:    (smoking a cigarette, high voice, french accent: don't forget !)
  ( - - > here starts the music from Grolsch CD: track 10 
  ( - - > Vakmanschap is meesterschap Dick Bakker/London Studio Orch.)

  W:    (finishes his cigarette)

  W:    Yes, I was in Europe, in Belgium, for a long time, nearly 7 years.
        Because my father has been active for Europe as a parliamentarian.
        Upon our return to the OK however I was sent to this public school.
        Because my english pronunciation has been altered slightly a bit
        due to my long stay in Bruxelles.                        (french Bruxelles !)
        So, since two years I have him as my english teacher now.
        The moment the teacher noticed that I was european-minded 
        he started his campaign to humiliate me. . .
        He is a true right-wing pillar of society.
        He is a follower of Thatcherism. Yes. 'I-want-my-money-back-ism' !
        He is afraid of the changes brought about in Europe.
        I understand his arguements quite well though. 
        I mean.
        A united Europe has many advantages, like I say.
        But, by democratic standards the European Onion is far from mature yet. Like he says. 
        I must admit. 
        Too many decisions are taken top-down. 
        That might become counter-productive. 
        The Danish 'NEJ' and the Irish 'NO' might be followed by a British 'NI' !
        I hope not.                        (pronounce NEJ/NO like in 'Knights of NI')
        (TIP: Ask people to cry 'NI !' the moment this line is uttered . . .)
        Yes, the introduction of the euro will lead to
        considérable (flen flain flon) inflation.                (NOTE: this line is french !)
        But the new currency will stabilize and become a bless to all of us.
        I believe. 

        (looking to the left)
        I have to stop philosophizing now.
        There he is.                                                        (zer hie ies !)

14 - Before Intermezzo - UK (0:55)

  T:    Who was thàt, Watson ?
  W:    Me, sir.
  T:    And who else, Watson ?
  W:    Myself, sir.
  T:    Anyone more, Watson ?
  W:    I, sir.
  T:    All three of you, eh, Watson ?
        Now tell me what did you all do ?
  W:    When I am me, sir, I feel like myself !
  T:    (taking severe posture, shocked, thinking in a mean way)
        Now look here, Watson.
        As you are the underdog, I must be the topdog here.
        Right, Watson ?
  W:    (hesitates and reflects)
        So indeed so very cunning, sir.
  T:    Got you on that one, didn't I ?
        So . . . . 
        Shut up, Watson !
        Dirty little creature.
        You are more of a distorted continental european 
        than of a thoroughbred englishman.
        It's a pitty, but he is a loss.

15 - Intermezzo - UK (0:20)

  T:    What's this, Watson ?
        Page intentionally left blank, eh ?
  W:    It means you have to improvise, sir.
  T:    Why me ?
  W:    Because you are being payed for by this school, sir.          (mean, cunning)
  T:    PTO, Watson !                                                        (severe)
  W:    I have invented a new english word, sir !
  T:    Ah, you keep suprising me, Watson. 
        Well, tell me.
  W:    Flarting, sir ! 
  T:    Pòh, flarting ?
  W:    It means flirting with a fart, sir.
  T:    Watson, you're a disgusting little creature.                        (appaled)
  W:    I found it very funny, sir.
  T:    PTO, Watson !

16 - Before Child 5 year: MyProblem - UK (1:10)

  T:    mYes.
        What's next, Watson ?
  W:    A translation into english, sir.
        But the original is of a dutch nature, sir.
  T:    Pôh ! Dutch ! 
        A bit cheesy, eh, Watson ?
        Funny dialect, dutch, I mean.
        ''Ggrrttvrrddrr. Skivuh-ninkuh. Filé-probliem. Polter-mottel. Goetentagg'' 
  W:    You are familiar with some of the dutch items, sir, I notice.
  T:    mYes. I nearly injured my tongue.
  W:    The next text is by a five-year old child, sir.
        My dutch uncle gave it to me last summer.
        I prepared a translation, sir.
  T:    Your dutch uncle, eh, Watson ?                  (eyes towards heaven, shakes head)
  W:    Correct, sir.
        I have a tape here with one of his recordings, sir.
        It is interesting material, sir.
  T:    It most certainly is, Watson. (amused)
        That is, ìf you understand dutch, of course. . .                          (severe)
  W:    So indeed so very well put, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !
        I will read out the english version instead of you.
        Resistance is futile, little man.
        Move away.
  (. .) Well.

17 - Child 5year: My Problem - UK (1:20)

  T:    (very irritating and provoking)
        *        My problem ? I can better sketch than tell:
        *        It is like the blades of grass between the tiles in the garden.
        *        They start in the soil and want to go to the sun.
        *        That's very difficult because the tiles are cold and hard.
        *        There is few space in between.
        *        But if you exert to the utmost, you'll succeed.
        *        If you finally see the sun, sudden danger emerges.
        *        Because tall people don't want no grass between the tiles.
  T:    And rightfully so.
        *        They cut off the blades, or tear them out.
  T:    Of course !
        *        And then you have to start all over again.
  T:    mmmYes.
        *        They do not understand.
  T:    Aaaahh.
        *        That's my problem.
  T:    Oooohh.

  T:    (self-kicking, irritating)
        This text is quite moving indeed, Watson.
  W:    (flabbergasted, bends away in despair, great eye-balls)
        So indeed so very moving, sir.                                        (meuving, zeur)
  T:    Shut up, Watson.
        Well, let's have it.
        The dutch version, I mean.                                 (both fingers in his ears).
  W:    Very funny, sir.
  T:    mYes. 
        Dutch, eh, Watson.
  W:    I'm afraid so, sir.
  T:    So am I, Watson, so am I. (mean)
        A most disturbing dialect.
  W:    Language, sir.
        Dutch is a proper language of its own !
  T:    Says who, Watson ?
  W:    Me, sir.
  T:    mYes.
        Carry on.  

18 - Child 5year: My Problem - NL (0:40+0:55)

  AR:   (play a young child, with a baseball-hat sideways (sailor-cloths ca. 1900))

          Mijn probleem ? Dat kan ik beter tekenen dan zeggen:
          Het is net als de grassprietjes tussen de tegels in de tuin.
          Ze beginnen in de grond en willen naar de zon toe.
          Dat is heel moeilijk, want de tegels zijn koud en hard.
          Er is weinig ruimte tussen.

          Maar als je je erg inspant, lukt het wel.
          Als je dan eindelijk de zon ziet is er gevaar.
          Want grote mensen willen geen gras tussen de tegels.
          Ze snijden de sprietjes af, of rukken ze uit.
          En dan moet je weer opnieuw beginnen

          Ze begrijpen het niet.
          Dat is mijn probleem

  T:    ''Ggggggrottvrrddrr'', eh, Watson ?
  W:    Sounds like it, sir
  T:    Dutch, eh, Watson ?
  W:    So indeed so very dutch, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson.
        The Dutch are quite a peculiar breed of continentals, to my opinion.
  W:    In Europe the Dutch are our alies too, sir, after all.
  T:    Since when, Watson, since when ?
  W:    Since the Boer-war, sir ?
  T:    Wrong, Watson, wrong !
        Since the Great War and to be more precise.
        Eversince the English and the Dutch invented such marvelous institutions 
        like Shell, Unilever, Lloyd's etc. 
        And just quite recently Corus, DAFted, Arriva.
  W:    I didn't know, sir.
        (puts his right finger in his nose)
  T:    Stay out of your nose, Watson.                                (appaled)
        Go wash your hands !
        Dirty little creature.
  W:    I'm sorry, sir.
        It just happened.
  T:    Bugger off, Watson !
        (Watson has gone to the loo, smoking . . . )
  T:    Well. . . .
  W:    Thank you, sir !                                        (intends to smoke)

19 - Teacher alone - UK (1:30+1:30)

  T:    Finally alone.
        The creepy creature is away for a little while. 
        (later: T: 'I mean, the right honourable young gentleman . . .')
        To my big relief.
        Good heavens. 
        His euro-fanatacism is appalling.
        Bloody European Onion !        

  T:    And mr. Watson has the sheer guts to display, 
        rather emphasize,
        his anti-euro-scepticism in my classroom. 
        The little creature is actually attacking my point of view !
        That is; 
        Europe is nonsense,                                                            (Y)
        the Euro is nonsense,                                                          (Y)
        Brussel's central government is nonsense,                                      (Y)
        all the Euro-bla bla is nonsense.                                              (Y)
        A united Europe is all bla bla to me.                                          (Y)
        But the funny creature does not stop to try to convince me 
        that constructing the European Onion is the only way 
        To avoid a major conflict on this continent again .
        Perhaps that euro-creature is right.                                           (N)
        But I prefer to die rather than being subject to foreign directives. 
        And nice mr. Blur comes up with that referendum of his about the Euro. 
        We, British, paying with euros and thinking in kilograms and meters ?
        The thought of it alone is most disturbing.                                    (Y)

        I hope the Euro will never be accepted here. 
        According to mr. Watson the Euro is the next logical step 
        in the proces of becoming a political onion as well.
        Mr. Watson hopes the European Onion will become a Federal Onion.
        Like the gerries have already !                                          (appaled)
        Heaven forbid.                                                                 (Y)
        In the end Brussels might decide 
        that we drive on the wrong side of the road.                                   (N) 
        That would bring about sheer chaos.                                            (Y)
        Mark my words !                                                       (Order ! 2x)
  (- - -> Perhaps later on: build Yea and Nea in, sounding like UK-parliament)
  (- - - >Chairman with wig: 'Order, order !' (banging on the table))

  W:    (knock, knock  (bang twice on the table))
  T:    Ah. Well. There he is, mr. Euro himself.
        Do come in, mr. Watson                                         (being very kind !?)
  W:    Thank you, sir. 
  T:    (Snif, snif) Have you been smoking on the toilet again, mr. Watson ?
  W:    Not me, sir !
  T:    Tobacco only, I hope, mr. Watson ?
  W:    Tobacco only, sir, to-bac-co on-ly.                             (betraying himself)
  T:    mYes.                                                (triomphant, subtile and mean)
        Tobacco only, eh, Watson ?
        So you have been smoking indeed, haven't you, mr. Watson.
  W:    Well, I have to admit, sir. Yes.
  T:    I'd rather have you shot for this, Watson.
  W:    You are being very mean, sir.
  T:    You mean me, Watson ?
  W:    So indeed so very mean, sir.
  T:    Shut up, Watson !
        Start the tape your dutch uncle gave to you. 
        And. . . pass the ear-tabs, please, mr. Watson.
  W:    Very funny, sir.  
        You should have become a comedian instead.                       (:soft/whispering)
  T:    What did you say, Watson ?                            (while removing the ear-tabs)
  W:    Nothing whatsoever, sir. . . . nothing, really.
  T:    mYes. (looking severe)
        Carry on !

20 Arnaud Rasing alone - NL (1:30)

        (Dit gedeelte alleen voor NL-publiek en lange versie= de Trilogie !)

  AR:   (hete aardappel in de keel, beetje Pr. Bernard-achtig)

  AR:   Houdt U vast !
        Ach, carpe diem, zeg ik altijd maar weer, want tempus fugit, toch ?
        Maar nil admirari je nergens over, da's nergens voor nodig.

  AR:   Graag wil ik het woord geven aan 
        Sergeant-Majoor b.d. van Raasbeeren tot Raasdonck,        (op adem komen)
  (. .) die zo'n exceptioneel belangrijke rol heeft gespeeld 
        bij de systematische, 
        en werkelijk perfect uitgevoerde, 
  (. .) liquidatie van de hoofdschuldigen 
        aan het Srebrenica-debâcle.
  (. .) Waarvoor hij, 
        overigens zeer terecht, 
        behangen is geworden met het kruis van verdienste 
        in de Orde van Oranje Blanje Bleu en voorts, 
  (. .) tot grote tevredenheid van zijne Majesteit, 
        ook nog geridderd is geworden geweest
        in de Orde van de Gulden Snede.

        Sinds zijn pensioenering geeft hij als raadsheer van de kroon advies over
  (. .) hoe        de Neo-Liberale Non-Conformistische Partij Nederland te bestrijden 
        en verder ook over 
  (. .) hoe        de invloed te beperken van de lokale rood-groen-zwarte rasta-clubs.

        Wij horen hem hier bij het afscheid van zijn onderdeel.
        Welke een werkelijk hoogst emotionele gebeurtenis was.

        Welnu. . . ik  start de vidéo. . .
  ( - - > SMbd : Omkleden, militaire jas + baret)
  ( - - > SMbd : Over de Muur)

  SM:   Mannen, spijkerbroeken en milva's.
        Luis-tert en hui-vert !
        Ik ben Ser-geant-Majoor van Raas-beeren tot Raas-donck, 
        51 punt 50 jaar en dus pen-si-oen-ge-rech-tigd. 
        Zo-waar de Staat mij bij sta !
        Ik speel een Klein Or-kest na en klim Over de Muur.

21 - SM: Klein Orkest (Over de Muur) - NL (1:45)

  SM:             Oost-Ber-lijn, Unter den Lin-den
                  Er wandelen men-sen langs vlag-gen en vaan-dels
                  waar Lenin en Marx nog steeds op 'n voet-stuk sta-haan
                  En ieder-een werkt, ha-mers en sik-kels
                  Ter-wijl in parade-pas de wacht wordt ge-wis-seld
                  Veer-tig jaar so-ci-alis-me
                  Er is in die tijd veel be-reikt
                  Maar wat is nou die heil-staat als er muren om-heen sta-haan ?
                  Als je bang bent, voor-zich-tig met je me-ning moet om-ga-haan
                  Ach, wat is nou die heil-sta-haat
                  Zeg mij, wat is die wa-haard ?
                  Wan-neer ie-mand die af-wijkt voor gek wordt ver-kla-haard.

  T:    (pushes stop-button)
        Fast forward, please, mr. Watson !
  W:    I beg your pardon, sir ?                        (your pardoen, zeur ?)
  T:    Don't argue, Watson, just do it !
  W:    (looks sour, presses FF-button reluctantly)

  (                En alleen de vogels vlie-gen van Oost- naar West-Ber-lijn
  (                Worden niet te-rug-ge-flot-en, ook niet neer-ge-scho-ten
  (     SM:        Da's nou jammer !
  (                Over de Muur, over 't Ijz-er-en Gor-dijn
  (                West-Ber-lijn, de Kur-für-sten-dam
  (                Er wande-len men-sen langs por-no en peep-show
  (                Waar Mer-ce-des en Co-la nog steeds op 'n voet-stuk sta-haan
  (                En de neon-rek-lames die glit-ter-en, lok-ken
  (                Kom dan-sen, kom e-ten, kom zui-pen, kom gok-ken
  (                Dat is nou veer-tig jaar vrij-heid
  (                Er is in die tijd veel be-reikt
  (                Maar wat is nou die vrij-heid zon-der huis, zon-der ba-haan
  (                Zo-veel Tur-ken in Kreuz-berg die am-per kun-nen besta-haan
  (                Goed, je mag de-mon-stre-ren, maar met je rug te-gen de muur

  W:    (Eager to push the play-button on the tape-recorder set !)

  SM:             En al-leen als je geld hebt, is de vrij-heid niet duur.

                  En de vo-gels vlie-gen van West- naar Oost-Ber-lijn
                  Wor-den niet te-rug-ge-flo-ten, ook niet neer-ge-scho-ten
  SM:             Da's nou jammer ! Al weer niet ! (misprijzend).
                  Over de Muur, over 't Ij-ze-ren Gor-dijn
                  Om-dat ze soms in 't Oost-en
                  Soms ook in 't Wes-ten wil-len zijn
                  Om-dat er brood ligt soms bij de Ge-dächt-nis-kir-che
                  Soms op 't Ko-ning Alex-ander-plein

  SM:             Leve de koning ! (hand omhoog)

22 - Arnaud Rasing 2 - NL (0:55)

          (de militaire jas uit, baret af, weer de arro-bal spelen)

  AR:     Gopserd !
          Ik ben toch zo verrotte trots op deze man.
          Wat 'n rots, wat 'n kanjer !
          Door dat soort mensen voel ik mij nog steeds veilig in dit landje.
          Vol met regenten.
          Vol met centen.
          Vol met rente.
          Ja, ja, in mij schuilt echt wel een dichter.

          (Verkorte versie komt pas op dit punt in ! Scheelt 3 minuten !)

  AR:     Wat heb ik nu dan aan mijn fiets hangen ?
          Zeg, jongeman, wil je onverwijld dit pand verlaten ?
          (let op ! accent wisseling: nimweegs waterkwartier jochie 19jr.: Sjonnie )
  NYM:    Wat ?
          Wat moet jij nou ?                                       (Wa mo jee nou ?)
  AR:     Jongeman, wil je weggaan ?
  NYM:    Nou moet jij even luisteren !                  (Na moe jei effe luusteruh)
          Geef mijn fiets terug !                              (Gif mein fiets trug)
          Reure aardbei !
  AR:     Nou hoor zeg ! Ik bel nu de politie  !
  NYM:    Wa ? Heur ak da goet, ga jei de woutekiet belluh ?
          Jei hep wel lef heur ! 
          Jei ken ook niet tegen 'n geintje. . . .
          Nou doei, hè, hou je, hà !

          (let op ! accent wisseling: hete aardappel in de keel)
  AR:     Tsss. Zomaar een inbreker in mijn studiootje.
          Ongehoord . . zeg !
          Maar goed.
          Op naar de volgende buitengewone eigenaardigheid . 
          Over 'Himmelhoch jauchzend und zum Tode betrübt' enzo.
          Als je de Duitse ziel überhaupt wil leren begrijpen,
          luistert dan vooral naar Nina Hagen !                  (Haa-gen, soft 'g')
          Zij is als voorbeeld bepaaldelijk buitengewoon aardig. . .

          (- - - > Nina Hagen: Der Spinner)

23 - Nina Hagen:Der Spinner - DE (1:35)

          Ich lauf den Bahnsteig 'lang und weiß nicht 
          ob ich hier wegfahr oder was.
          Eh, kuk mahl, da kommt 'n Schnellzug und fährt weiter.
          'n Bulle von der Bahn taucht auf.

          Ich halt den Brief in meiner Hand fest.
          Da steht du füllst dich tot wie Stein....
          Und das du dir jetzt im Wald suchst
          um dir im Moß 'n Bett zu bauen.
          Dein Riesensaxofon ist natürlich auch da.
          Und Flöten.
          Flöten solln auf der Wiese wachsen.

          Die alte Frau bezahlt mit Kleingeld.
          Wir warten auf den nächsten Zug.
          Ich frag die Alte woh der Wald ist.
          Sie sagt                                                               (high voice)
          'Mein Udo ist schon lange tot...'
          In meiner Tasche klebtn Bonbon.
          Wir steigen ein in unserem Zug.
          Bei Wertheim gab es Salamander.
          Ich bring dir einen mit ins Moß.


          Als ich in Hamburg ausm Zug steig.
          Lauf ich durch Straßen biß zur Elbe hin.
          'Down to the river'.
          Ej !
          Na endlich da seh' ich dich am Ufer stehen.
          Ich fass dich an und so 
          Du hörst nix.
          Du saxst                                                               (low voice)
                  'du mußt zum andern Ufer,
                  die Fähre fährt am nächsten Tag'.

          Ich dachte daß du tief im Wald wohnst.

24 - After Nina Hagen - UK (1:00)

        (twin jacket T/W has to be worn again here. . .)

  T:    (pushes button to turn the tape-recorder off)
        Bloody gerry, eh ?
        It sounded like german, Watson, it hurts my ears.
  W:    So indeed so very gerry, sir.
  T:    Oh, shut up, Watson !
        Listen ! I lost two uncles in the war.
        One stepped on a gerry mine.
        During the landing at Juno Beach on D-day, Watson.
  W:    I feel sorry for you, sir.
        But . . .                                                                 (Boet !)
  T:    My aunts we were being sent to Coventry back then.
        They suffered heavily from heavy gerry bombing.
        They have been hospitalized on several occasions.
  W:    I know, sir, I'm sorry, sir
        But . . .                                                                 (Boet !)
  T:    But whàt, Watson ?
  W:    In Europe the Germans are our alies too, sir, after all.
  T:    Pòh ! 
        Since when,  Watson, since when ?
  W:    Since Neurenberg, sir ?
  T:    It may be correct, Watson.
        I hope you are right on this one.
  W:    So indeed so very neccesary, sir.
  T:    (Reflective, eyes towards heaven, reflective 'heaven forbid !')
        mYes !
        mWell. . .

25 - Before Gainsbarre - UK (1:30)

  T:    We have 5 minutes left (.) before we take a break.
        I'm going to the pub nearby.
        I fancy a pint. . .
  W:    Me too, sir.                                                        (Mie teu, seur)
  T:    Not you, Watson !                                                       (surprised)
        12-year old alcoholic !
        You'll be having a soda.
  W:    Shall I finish with this, sir ?                                        (looks sour)
  T:    Let me see.
        Oh, no, Watson, not froggy again !
        Who is this 'Surgie Geinsborough' anyway ?
  W:    He's funny, sir.
  T:    Wait a minute !                                                        (reflecting)
        I know of him !                                              (very cunning, shrude)
        ''Je teem moi non pluu'', eh, Watson !
  W:    How d'you know, sir ?
  T:    Have you been listening to thàt music, Watson ?
  W:    I'm afraid so, sir.                                          (bending away, afraid)
  T:    With whom, Watson, with whom ?
  W:    With I, me and myself, sir.                               (Wiz ai, mie end maizelv)
  T:    All three of you, eh.
        A most disturbing thought.                                               (appalled)
        You're disgusting, Watson.
  W:    I'm sorry, sir.                                             (feeling truely guilty)
  T:    mWell.
        I long for an end to this, Watson.
  W:    So indeed so very disturbing, sir.                           (dies-tur-bieng, zeur)
  T:    Shut up, Watson !                                         (mouth moves, whispering)
        Carry on !
        And finish it off, now will you ?                                     (a bit angry)

26 - Serge Gainsbourg:Elle est si - FR (1:00)

  AR:     B'alors ! 
          Comme je l'adore ce monsieur Gainsbarre !
          Lui, malheuresement decédé. . . .
          à la Brigade des Stups,                                 (sévere, j'accuse !)
          sous circonstances suspectes !                                 (sévere, j'accuse !)
          Tiens !                                                        (souri ! loué)
          Voila !

          Elle est si grosse
          Que je lui dis vous
          Elle est si chatte
          Que je lui dis mou
          Elle est si laide
          Que je lui dis BOU !
          Elle est si "lady"
          Que je lui dis "you"
          Elle fainéasse
          Je lui dis "do something"
          Remue tes roudoudous
          Elle somnole
          Je lui fais HOU !
          Elle sursaute et fais la moue
          Elle est si bête 
          Faut lui dire tout
          Elle est si lourde
          Faut lui dire òu !
          Elle est si tiède 
          Et moi qui bout
          Je veux remettre ça
          Elle m'dit des clous
          Elle en veut tellement
          Je lui dis pouce
          Et pour souffler je lui lis Proust 
          Elle est si con
          Je lui dis pousse
          Toi d'la ça suffit !
          Allez OUST !

27 - Epilogue - UK (1:20)

  T:    Have a break, Watson, have a kit-kat !
        I fetch a pint. I fancy a bitter.
  W:    For me a pernod on the rocks, sir.
  T:    No, Watson, you're not permitted.
  (. . .)

  W:    (hoisting the EU-flag)
  T:    Watson, what are you doing ?
  W:    I'm hoisting the flago of the European Onion, sir.                    (zuh flago)
  T:    Stop that immediately, Watson !
        Bring that flag down !
  W:    I refuse, sir, I will not surrender !        (defiant, standing firm, fiery eyes)
  T:    Pòh !
        You're hopeless !
        Don't you see that this flag symbolically represents 
        liberty, egality and fraternity 
        on an European level, Watson ?
                  (reflecting, sorrowful, melancholic, looking towards heaven)
                  It looks as if the French,  with the Gerries (!), 
                  have become dominant in Europe at last.
                  Perhaps, we British have been concentrating 
                  on ruling the waves for too long
                  and have thereby missed the European boat, 
                  so to speak.
                  (back on earth)
        My throat needs some cooling.
        As do my brains.
        Bye, bye, Watson. Little man.
        I'm off. . . .

  W:    I'm afraid that we'll meet again, sir, pretty soon.                 (prettie seun)
        But.                                                                        (boet)
        Meanwhile, this beautiful flago will remain in top.
        For better and for worse. . .                         (Flag is hoisted and in top)



                  VIVE L'EURO !


 © 2001/2005 VHP-Arnaud Rasing  legend:  ( )   actor  (.)   short pause  (..)  pause  (...) long pause  { }   audience  (lo)  low  (hi)  high  W:    Watson  T:    Teacher  RR:   Rev.Rascall  AR:   Arnaud  PUB:  Public, audience

Plays / [play] VHP: The Trilogy, part 1 Confusion
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[TOC] Table of Contents

The Trilogy (2001)

flyer, split reality


With this very first play I tried to prevent losing my witts.   Because I was right in the middle of a crisis I found myself confronted with this question:   If you take away everything from Arnaud, all his stuff and all his shells, all his behaviour etc. -   what exactly is remaining?  
  Then Arnaud starts writing. . .

In everyone multiple personalities seem to exist.
  As soon as one of the sub-personalities becomes dominant the self-determination of the individual seems to suffer from it.   It is quite difficult to integrate all the different parts of your personality, you see.
  That's why it is nice to have those personalities fighting off each other in a play,   and meanwhile watch if it procures enlightenment, amusement or relaxation.

It all starts with a true gentleman who has become very evil due to circumstances. (part 1). (source: adventure-game Riven CD5:Gehn).

The introduction of the Euro is represented by Mr.Watson (EU), a young British boy who grew up in Brussels and has become a true European indeed. His handling of english however is so disturbingly sodden that the aid of Mr.Teacher (UK) - utter rightwing tory - had to be called in (part 2).

About reverend 'The Reb' Rascall - who is not suffering from his dipsomania at all - I can be very brief: Amen to that! (part 3)

(AR, May 24, 2005)

flyer, Merleyn 2001


flyer, Steigertheater 2002


  Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys.
  Welcome to the opening performance of the Trilogy by Vox Humana,
  Which is latin of pots . . . meaning 'human voice'.

  This performance is regularly interrupted by long pauses.
  That is, at least two, well, this is a . . . . trilogy !

  First, there is a short visit to a very evil man in his prison.
  Then follow Mr. Watson with his english teacher.
  Finally rev. Rascall will address this parish. (sigh & frown)

  I would like to ask for complete silence during the first part, please. . .
  This because of the required concentration.
  Hopefully there will not be any 'kink in the cable' . . . .
  ( Now thàt doesn't sound familiar . . . . ? ? ?)

  The performance will start in about 15 minutes.
  Enjoy . . . .

  © 2002/2005 VHP-AR

This video shows the whole speech.

You will be hearing the voice of 'Gehn', an imprisoned dictator. The text is known as Gehn's Speech and is derived from the adventure-game 'Riven'.

I was being focused of having 100 % control of this text.   I have practised this text hundreds of times but on two occasions only I have performed it in public: in 2001 in Merleyn and in 2002 in the Steigertheater (both in Nijmegen, NL).

The poor people in the Steigertheater were being terrorised for seven minutes in a horrible way.
'Gosh, how pitiful', they came to be amused, instead, they were being threatened to death. . . .

Because Gehn was being pushed in a wheelchair onto the stage. Starting off gently and soft-toned.
  Suddenly he leaves the wheel-chair up-right and walks straight to the audience intimidatingly.   Meanwhile he produces a stick out from his high cavalry-boots. As a drilling-officer with wide blue rider pants and white marine coat and cap he walks up and down the audience, looking them closely into the eyes;   intimidating and threatening.   But still with that particular eloquence and surely, always with a deadly smile. . .

And all this to the occasion of Maxima's wedding party. . . .

(AR, Nijmegen, March 31, 2018)

part 1 Confusion

           I apologize for the cage. . . . .
  (walk and breathe)
           I'm afraid this situation has often required of me a more 
  ( . )    primitive code of conduct than I might otherwise have chosen.
  (walk and breathe, gloves off)
           I am Gehn.
           I assume you have heard of me.    
  (walk and breathe)
  ( . )    Well, I suspect you have acquired some 
  ( . )    false information of who I am now.
           Not that my son would have lied to you about me.
           No, not Atrus, it's just that . . . .
           Well, I'm sure he believes me to still be the depraved father I once was.
           I even tried to kill him once.
  ( . )    God, if I had accomplished that who knows what I would have become.
           A great father indeed who tries to murder his own son.
           Thankfully, he trapped me on Age Five, a prison of my own creation.
           No books. . ., no precious inks. . ., no ages to link to . . .
           Nothing but my own. . .
  ( . )    foolish ambitions.
  ( . )    That was thirty years ago, 30 years, 30 lifetimes.
           What does it matter ?
           No sentence could be too harsh for the man I was.
  ( . )    But.
  (walk to front)
           I have changed.
           To be sure, the deeds of my past can never be completely atoned for,
           but my mission was an honourable one.
  (smoke a pipe)
  (. .)    I'm sorry.
  ( . )    This is all a bit awkward.
           I . . . . . .
  (walk and breathe)
  (. .)    It's been a long time 
           since I have attempted to persuade anyone of my intentions.
           Most of the people here have already made their minds up about me.
           One way or another.
  (. .)    I myself do not trust the words of most men.
           So, I don't expect you to believe me.
           In the end though, you may discover 
           that I do have more than mere words to offer.

  (. .)    Atruses choice of punishment has been hard on the people of Riven.
           And many have suffered because of it.
  ( . )    The island has been steadily decaying for years.
           But, according to my most recent measurements it appears that 
           the Fifth Age has entered it's final days.
  ( . )    Unless the villagers can be re-located soon 
           the Island will collapse entirely and everyone will perish.
           It has taken me a long time to do it, but.
           It appears that finally I'll be able 
           to make some substantial ammends to my past transgressions.
           Especially in.....
  ( . )    Well.
  ( . )    I'm afraid I have had some 
  ( . )    trouble with Catherine.
           And the Moiety.
  (walk backward and breathe)
           In any society there will always be a small percentage 
           of the population with 
  (. .)    rebelious tendencies.....
           Before Catherine appeared, the Moiety, as they call themselves, 
           had been relatively harmless.
           I mean.
           The natives here are a fairly violent people by nature.
           But I'd almost come to accept their presence.
           It seemed in-evitable under the circumstances.
           Upon Catherine's return, however, their violence intensified considerably.
           It seems she's become some sort of
  (. .)    religious saviour to them.
           And as far as I can tell, she has come to believe this herself.
           So, I've had no alternative:
  (walk to front and breathe)
           I had to separate her from her people.
           I must admit though that my concerns were not entirely for her safety alone.
           The actions of Catherine and the Moiety have put my own life at risk.
           On numerous occasions !
           Consequently, the lives of all the people here.
           Therefore I must ask you to refrain from any attempt to free her.
  ( . )    Although I am sure Atrus desires it.
           He must desire it with all his heart.
  ( . )    But he is completely unaware of her recent state.
  (breathe and walk away)
  (walk away and breathe)
  (. .)    I know that you arrived in the Fifth Age 
           with a book which was 
  ( . )    immediately stolen from you.
           Needless to say, it's re-acquisition is of interest to me.
  ( . )    Though my personal history with the Moiety 
           does not give me much hope for it.
  (look away)

           There is a chance you might somehow manage to retrieve it.
           If you do, I would ask for the safety of all concerned,
           that you bring it to me at your earliest opportunity.
  ( . )    Again, to be honest, my reasons here are partly selfish.
           There is so much yet to be resolved between Atrus and myself.
           Especially in light of what has become of Catherine.
  ( . )    In any case:
           My immediate concern is the completion of 
           the Sanctuary I have long promised to all the Islanders.
           In the meantime. 
  ( . )    As a token of my good intentions,
  ( . )    I will allow you... 
  ( . )    free access to my linking books . . . .,
           crude, though they may be,
           and to the rest of the Fifth Age.

  (walk and breathe, gloves on)
           As for the stolen linking book.
           We should probably not meet again until you've recovered it.
           I will know if you have succeeded and will await your return.

  (take stick and walk and breathe)
           Good luck with your search.
           I hope to see you back here shortly !
  (leave room)

  © 2001/2005 VHP-AR

  ( )   actor
  (.)   short pause
  (..)  pause
  (...) long pause
  { }   audience

Albums / [album] exposition: Gallery La Pempi
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Gallery La Pempi
art, expo-space
Gallery La Pempi
About the [Gallery]
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Gallery La Pempi

Galerie La Pempi

path: [Gallery] » Expositions » La Pempi » Gallery La Pempi (2 albums, 86 files)

    La Pempi material    
   contents: printed matter, buisiness cards and flyers    
   number of photo's: 7    
   thumbnail: LaPempi_business-card1  
    exposition opening (2018-05-26)    
   concerns: joyful opening of the exposition with paintings by Leo Schepens and books by Christine Langerhorst    
   number of photo's: 79    
   thumbnail: GalerieLaPempi180526_expo09  


[TOC] Table of Contents

The manufacturing of an inlaid plank in six steps

step 1 : Preparation and design

The frontside should have a couple of layers of varnish before we can really start, this facilitates glueing the printed design.

On the computer the design is being transferred to a SVG-file so as to be able to scale it to the measurements of the board.

The final design is printed on several sheets of paper covering the whole board each representing a specific part of the whole design. The sheets are being glued to the board.

step 2 : Gouging

With the aid of whittlings, chisels and gouges letters and/or images are being carved. In general this is labor-intensive.

step 3 : Milling

With a machine (Proxxon or Dremel) the letters and/or images are being milled and grinded.

step 4 : Colour scheme

Choosing the colours is critical because it depends on the basic colour of the wooden wearer and eventual wood-flames.

Above all the design should contrast well in such a way that an attractive entity evolves.

step 5 : Inlay and grinding

The cut away parts of the plank are being filled with woodputty from different colours with spatula. After relative short drying the plank can be grinded or abraded with a sander.

step 6 : Varnishing

Dust and fat needs to be removed from the plank before a couple of varnish-layers are being applied.

For the primary layers a brush is being used and hence on paint rollers for improved distribution of the varnish.

To obtain the best result, more than 5 layers of varnish are being applied whereby grinding occurs with an ever finer grain (up to grain 2000).

Please note

  • The above productionmethod is invented by Arnaud de Verfkabouter himself in 2010.


[TOC] Table of Contents

The manufacturing of a painted board in six steps

step 1 : Preparation and design

At first a new board is being abraded and painted with minium.

On the computer the design is being transferred to a SVG-file so as to be able to scale it to the measurements of the board.

The final design is printed on several sheets of paper covering the whole board each representing a specific part of the whole design. The sheets are being glued to the board.

step 2 : Gouging

With the aid of whittlings, chisels and gouges letters and/or images are being carved. In general this is labor-intensive.

step 3 : Milling

With a machine (Proxxon or Dremel) the letters and/or images are being milled and grinded.

Eventually corner-holes are being drilled for later fastening or hanging.

Now minium has to be applied to the carved parts (yet another day of drying).

step 4 : Grinding

The board is now ready to be treated with the sander thereby removing the paper also.

Again mimium is being applied to the front and the sides.

This guarantees that the carved parts and the sides have a second layer of protective minium.

step 5 : Undercoating

Depending on the livery several layers of white or gray undercoat are being applied with brushes (for the carved parts) and paint rollers.

The backside and sides too need undercoating, this way the vulnerable sides are being treated twice.

step 6 : Topcoating

From here the carved parts are being painted with a brush.

With paint rollers the front and sides are topcoated.

After drying the backside and the sides are being topcoated.

This proces is repeated until the result is satisfactory. If so, then yet another - final - layer of topcoat is being applied to the front and the sides.


[TOC] Table of Contents

Velociraptor hanging system

SVG: backside

If a painted board or inlaid plank is thick enough (over 12 mm) then the Fully-Automatic Hanging System (FAHS) with Paintgnome Technology (PT) can be applied.
This system is called Velociraptor™ in short and makes fastening to a wall fast and easy.

The backside has recesses for a metal ⋀-wedge and in the corners for the feet, with the following advantages:
  • The piece can be hanged to a wall on the spot with a nail or screw, and
  • an (often expensive) picture frame is not immediateley or not at all necessary, and
  • the feet (self-adhesive bumpers) are sticking out thereby avoiding contact between painting and wall.
In the center the logo might be carved; that is the paraph (AR).
This logo might look in two seperate ways:
  • Simple: the paraph is carved directly, or
  • Inverse: material around the paraph is carved.
If the plank originates from a sheet of plywood then numbering is included.
The format is like: sheet-number in resp. greek letters and roman figures. For example:
  • α III sheet Alpha, number 3 (first sheet, third plank), or
  • β XIII sheet Beta, number 13 (second sheet, thirteent plank).
  • γ IV sheet Gamma, number 4 (third sheet, fourth plank).

backside in progress

Practical example
The backside in progress shows the recesses for hanging, feet and paraph.
The recesses are being undercoated with white paint and the surface in contrasting gray.

Exceptionally even old-greek sayings have been carved. These texts were written to the temple of Apollo in Delphi. It concerns ancient wisdom or old knowledge possibly read by millions of people:

  • gnosti saitón; know thyself, and
  • méden agan; nothing in excess.

The third text told people to sacrifice to Apollo.
The remains of the temple still exist today but meanwhile Apollo has died also.

Please note: The explanation is from Herr Prof. Dr. Zeichstrahl.

Albums / [album] photoshoot: Odeon - specials
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Odeon - specials
In Memoriam
About the [Gallery]
The [Gallery] is located in as well.
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In Memoriam

Odeon - specials

path: [Gallery] » Photoshoots » Odeon » specials » In Memoriam (4 albums, 121 files)

    In Memoriam - Chris Poirot    
   subject: Dr. Lijntje    
   number of photos: 33    
   thumbnail: waleszww  
    In Memoriam - Hugo Oudshoorn    
   subject: Hugo    
   number of photos: 16    
   thumbnail: oddnote_hugo  
    In Memoriam - Hugo - TCCN    
   subject: at TCCN    
   number of photos: 44    
   thumbnail: tccn43  
    In Memoriam - Hugo - funeral    
   subject: funeral    
   number of photos: 28    
   thumbnail: crematorium28  

Albums / [album] photoshoot: Odeon - newsletter
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Odeon - newsletter
About the [Gallery]
The [Gallery] is located in as well.
All photoshoots are presented in a logical manner. The main-categories are: Arts and Crafts, Expositions and Photoshoots.


Odeon - newsletter

path: [Gallery] » Photoshoots » Odeon » publications » Le Rapido (15 albums, 855 files)

    2006-05-03 Café de Overkant.    
   subject: Het Overkantje, atmosphere    
   number of photos: 73    
   thumbnail: cdo_bar9  
    2006-09-15 Café de Overkant, popronde    
   subject: Het Overkantje, popround    
   number of photos: 96    
   thumbnail: P2270024  
    2006-09-19 Valkhof Park, SP demo    
   subject: SP, alternative to the Queen's Speech (or the King's)    
   number of photos: 20    
   thumbnail: P3020125  
    2006-10-26 Louis Sévèke, torch vigil    
   subject: vigil    
   number of photos: 26    
   thumbnail: fakkelwake261006_016  
    Louis Sévèke, march, demo    
   subject: memorial    
   number of photos: 71    
   thumbnail: Louis151106_herdenking0016  
    2006-11-20 Odessa, session, jazz    
   subject: Odessa jazz    
   number of photos: 123    
   thumbnail: Odessa018  
    2006-12-01 De Kroon, session    
   subject: session    
   number of photos: 12    
   thumbnail: dekroon011206_10  
    2006-12-19 Merleyn, tuesday night live    
   subject: TNL session    
   number of photos: 97    
   thumbnail: verdonk_bij_balkenende  
    2007-01-21 Allicht, session    
   subject: session    
   number of photos: 88    
   thumbnail: allicht210107_session087  
    2007-03-12 Nijmegen, Waalkade    
   subject: hightide    
   number of photos: 17    
   thumbnail: nijmegen120307_016  
    2007-05-08 De Vasim, debate    
   subject: debate on cultural breeding places    
   number of photos: 33    
   thumbnail: vasimdebat29  
    2007-10-04 Merleyn, TNL    
   subject: session    
   number of photos: 30    
   thumbnail: Merleyn20070710_TNL30  
    2008-01-30 Allicht, session    
   subject: session    
   number of photos: 35    
   thumbnail: allicht300108_18  
    2009-12-03 Trianon, session    
   subject: session    
   number of photos: 51    
   thumbnail: Trianon031209_11  
    2010-01-10 Vasim, art against cancer    
   subject: Art againt cancer    
   number of photos: 83    
   thumbnail: dv100110_ktk035  

Albums / [album] photoshoot: Odeon - newspaper
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Odeon - newspaper
About the [Gallery]
The [Gallery] is located in as well.
All photoshoots are presented in a logical manner. The main-categories are: Arts and Crafts, Expositions and Photoshoots.


Odeon - newspaper

path: [Gallery] » Photoshoots » Odeon » publications » Le Panthéon, text-o-zine (3 albums, 143 files)

    logo, screendumps etc.    
   subject: Foundation Odeon    
   number of photos: 46    
   thumbnail: bg_luna  
    How can one possess the air ?    
   subject: Booklet: Hoe kun je de lucht bezitten?    
   number of photos: 16    
   thumbnail: hkjdlb07_p10_11  
    Le Viagro, satir-O-zine    
   subject: former-PM JPB did it again. . .    
   number of photos: 71    
   thumbnail: verdonk_bij_balkenende  

Albums / [album] photoshoot: Odeon - affiliates
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Odeon - affiliates
About the [Gallery]
The [Gallery] is located in as well.
All photoshoots are presented in a logical manner. The main-categories are: Arts and Crafts, Expositions and Photoshoots.


Odeon - affiliates

path: [Gallery] » Photoshoots » Odeon » Affilates (4 albums, 113 files)

   subject: Foundation Pangea    
   number of photos: 34    
   thumbnail: pangea_237  
    Kabouter Partij Nederland    
   subject: KPN    
   number of photos: 15    
   thumbnail: zone_kpn.png  
    Proportioneel Verzet    
   subject: PV (Proportional Resistance)    
   number of photos: 37    
   thumbnail: pv_v1  
    Vox Humana Productions    
   subject: VHP    
   number of photos: 27    
   thumbnail: zone_vhp  

Albums / [album] photoshoot: Odeon - events
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Odeon - events
Events by Odeon
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Events by Odeon

Odeon - events

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    2006 Odeon aan de Waal - route    
   subject: routebeschrijving    
   number of photos: 75    
   thumbnail: P1130098  
    2006-08-05 Odeon a/d Waal    
   subject: OadW 2006    
   number of photos: 106    
   thumbnail: P1170292  
    2007-08-04 OadW - by Elaine    
   subject: OadW 2007 Elaine    
   number of photos: 14    
   thumbnail: oadw2007_elaine_14  
    2007-08-04 OadW - by Lara    
   subject: OadW 2007 Lara    
   number of photos: 25    
   thumbnail: IMG_1623  
    2007-08-04 OadW - by Odeon    
   subject: OadW 2007 AR    
   number of photos: 68    
   thumbnail: oadw2007_62  
    2007-08-04 OadW - by Pieter    
   subject: OadW 2007 Pieter    
   number of photos: 13    
   thumbnail: oadw2007_pieter_13  
    2009 OadW - cancelled    
   subject: OadW 2009    
   number of photos: 25    
   thumbnail: scotchtheband_formatie  
    2011-04-30 Cultuurhuis - Expo by Odeon    
   subject: Expo Cultuurhuis    
   number of photos: 16    
   thumbnail: expo300411cultuurhuis_4290058  

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