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TOC albums categorical albums alphabetical
art: Art Arnaud
art: Art Jonas
exposition: Cultuurhuis
exposition: Gallery La Pempi
exposition: Twente Biënnale 2013
photoshoot: Enschede Disaster
photoshoot: Lingewaard - Fort Pannerden - by AR
photoshoot: Lingewaard - Fort Pannerden - by the custodians
photoshoot: Lingewaard - locations
photoshoot: Lingewaard - Loostraat 8 (DPB)
photoshoot: Odeon - affiliates
photoshoot: Odeon - artist Augusto
photoshoot: Odeon - artist Mouché
photoshoot: Odeon - artists
photoshoot: Odeon - DJ Collective
photoshoot: Odeon - events
photoshoot: Odeon - newsletter
photoshoot: Odeon - newspaper
photoshoot: Odeon - specials
Art Arnaud
Art Jonas
Enschede Disaster
Gallery La Pempi
Lingewaard - Fort Pannerden - by AR
Lingewaard - Fort Pannerden - by the custodians
Lingewaard - locations
Lingewaard - Loostraat 8 (DPB)
Odeon - affiliates
Odeon - artist Augusto
Odeon - artist Mouché
Odeon - artists
Odeon - DJ Collective
Odeon - events
Odeon - newsletter
Odeon - newspaper
Odeon - specials
Twente Biënnale 2013
SITE [KnowledgeBase] forum structure with (sub-)boards

General information introducing the [KnowledgeBase] and the [Gallery]

About about this very forum like welcome, membership etc.

Agenda topics coupled to a specfic date

Artistic production

Marquetry planks with diverse filling materials

Marquetry in detail this sections shows all the inlaid planks

Painted boards colorful boards

Painted boards in detail this sections shows all the painted boards together

Painted objects homes, interiors, statues, eggcartons, boat etc.

Fipronella this sections shows all the painted eggcartons and eggs

Objects painted objects like a boat or little statues

Achievements videos, plays, photoalbums, constructions

Videos this sections shows all the (non-dutch) movies

Plays The Trilogy: the one and only play in english

Albums a wide variety of photoalbums: arts ands crafts, expositions and photoshoots

Constructions designs based on plywood or hard-board

The Table of Contents (TOC) is gegerated by VK_stamp: software developed by me that helps to maintain the contents of this forum.
Details of all items like boards, planks, videos etc. etc. are being updated during a short compilation lasting a few seconds.
In this short timespan hundreds of topics are updated and all the TOCs are being written.
The TOC is showing the items in two coloms: one sorted alfabetically and the other categorically and secondly by name.

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