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Arnaud - The Yellow Banner is raised
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year artist(-s) title * needs to be translated in english lang genre dur YT view
1930 Lucienne Boyer Parlez-moi d'amour fr chanson 03:27 view
1931 Skip James Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues us blues 03:27 view
1933 Blind Willie McTell & Curly Weaver You was born to die us blues 03:24 view
1937 Robert Johnson Love in vain us blues 02:56 view
1938 Robert Johnson Me and the devil us blues 03:15 view
1938 Tino Rossi J'attendrai fr chanson 03:32 view
1939 Beniamino Gigli E lucevan le stelle it opera 03:21 view
1939 Rudi Schuricke Komm zurück de schlager 03:21 view
1939 Lale Andersen Lili Marleen de song 03:49 view
1939 Vera Lynn We'll meet again gb song 04:00 view
1941 Billie Holiday God bless the child us jazz, blues 03:34 view
1941 Billie Holiday Solitude us jazz, blues 03:48 view
1946 Beniamino Gigli Ah, non mi ridestar it opera 03:40 view
1947 Charles Trenet La Mer fr chanson 03:58 view
1957 Renato Carosone Piccolissima Serenata it canzone 04:01 view
1957 Charles Trenet Douce France fr chanson 03:45 view
1959 Elmore James The sky is crying us blues 03:24 view
1964 Sylvie Vartan La plus belle pour aller danser fr chanson,pop 03:05 view
1965 Mississippi John Hurt You got to go to that lonesome valley (live) us blues 03:43 view
1965 Lightnin' Hopkins I woke up this morning us blues 05:08 view
1965 Salvatore Adamo La Notte it canzone 03:56 view
1965 Mina Mazzini Un bacio è troppo poco it canzone 03:49 view
1966 Michel Delpech Chez Laurette fr chanson 04:10 view
1966 Chet Baker Forgetful (live) us jazz 06:12 view
1966 Fred McDowell You got to move us blues 03:58 view
1967 Salvatore Adamo Inch' Allah fr chanson 05:19 view
1968 Enrico Macias Toi la mer immense fr chanson,pop 03:47 view
1969 Lightnin' Hopkins Baby please don't go (live) us blues 02:57 view
1969 BB King The thrill is gone us blues 06:00 view
1970 Ramses Shaffy Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder nl song 04:27 view
1970 Peppino Gagliardi Ti amo così it canzone 05:05 view
1972 Nada Malanima Una chitarra e una armonica it canzone 05:04 view
1974 Muddy Waters Feel like going home us blues 03:47 view
1974 Camel Lady Fantasy Suite gb symphonic rock 13:22 view
1974 Camel Nimrodel gb symphonic rock 09:54 view
1975 Neil Young Cortez the Killer us rock 08:09 view
1975 Lucifer House for sale (live) us pop 04:56 view
1976 Maggie MacNeal Terug naar de Kust nl pop 05:05 view
1976 Camel Air Born gb symphonic rock 05:40 view
1977 Ange Dignité fr symphonic rock 16:28 view
1977 Ange Ces gens-là fr symphonic rock 6:42 view
1977 Jacques Brel Voir un ami pleurer fr chanson 3:34 view
1977 Solution Empty faces us symphonic rock 07:09 view
1977 Solution Give some more us symphonic rock 06:01 view
1977 Little River Band Days on the road us symphonic rock 06:01 view
1978 Sweet d'Buster It takes a lot of time us pop 05:30 view
1979 Sweet d'Buster Manja (live) us pop 05:23 view
1979 Serge Gainsbourg Aux armes et caetera fr reggae 03:43 view
1979 Serge Gainsbourg Harley Davidson & Elle est si fr reggae 07:25 view
1982 Mathilde Santing You go to my head us pop 04:40 view
1983 Georges Moustaki Le Voyage fr chanson 02:52 view
1983 Stevie Ray Vaughan Interview 1983 (live) us blues 05:01 view
1984 Stevie Ray Vaughan Tin Pan Alley us blues 09:48 view
1988 Herman van Veen Susanne de pop 04:35 view
1991 Stephan Eicher Déjeuner en paix fr pop, rock, chanson 04:31 view
1992 Gary Coleman The sky is crying us blues 09:50 view
1993 Larry Garner No free rides us blues 06:42 view
1994 Kylie Minogue Confide in me gb pop 06:28 view
1995 Deep Forest & Martha S. Twosome hu pop 02:44 view
1996 Mighty Sam McClain When the hurt is over us blues 08:42 view
1996 Ten Sharp You (live) us pop 07:44 view
1996 Laura Pausini Mi dispiace it canzone 06:39 view
1997 Nick Cave Into my arms us song 05:00 view
1997 Nick Cave Far from me us song 06:11 view
1998 John Lee Hooker Tupelo us blues 04:32 view
1998 Hooverphonic Eden us pop 04:14 view
1998 Julian Sas County jail blues us blues 07:56 view
1998 Julian Sas Maudie us blues 04:55 view
1998 Alain Bashung La nuit je mens fr chanson 05:13 view
1999 Céline Dion Dans un autre monde fr pop 05:10 view
2000 Gérald de Palmas J'en rêve encore fr pop 04:40 view
2000 The Fairfield Four Lonesome valley us spiritual 04:45 view
2001 Nick Cave As I sat sadly by her side us song 06:52 view
2001 Nick Cave We came along this road us song 06:45 view
2001 Rammstein Sonne de hardrock 04:49 view
2002 Prince The ride (live) us blues-rock 08:12 view
2004 Joe Bonamassa The river us blues-rock 06:07 view
2004 Augusto Play it loud us rock 06:46 view
2007 Tedeschi Trucks Band Midnight in Harlem (live) us pop 07:25 view
2008 Wende Snijders Ma dernière volonté / Laat me (live) fr chanson 05:14 view
2010 Gianluca Grignani Il più fragile it pop, rock 04:49 view
2010 Arny Rasburg Rebel soldier (live) us folk 02:48 view
2013 Red Army Choir Katyusha ru song 03:08 view
2015 Neffa Colpisci it pop 04:01 view
2016 Alessandra Amoroso Comunque andare it pop 04:20 view
2018 Gabi Luthai My life is going on (live) us pop 03:52 view
2019 Theo Nijland De laatste roker nl cabaret 04:45 view
2019 Theo Nijland Een nieuwe oorlog nl cabaret 04:07 view
Blues Balls Radio and TV
year artist(-s) title lang genre dur YT view
1995 Blues Clinic Deadman's Road us blues 07:08 view
1995 Blues Clinic It hurts me too us blues 05:31 view
1995 Blues Clinic No more free rides us blues 08:40 view
1998 Blues Clinic Hey Baby us blues 04:44 view
1998 Blues Clinic Poor man's blues us blues 04:21 view
1998 Blues Clinic Stormy Monday us blues 07:54 view
2003 Blues Clinic Fool Keep Cool us blues 06:15 view
2003 Blues Clinic Outskirts Of Town us blues 05:46 view
2003 Blues Clinic Walk Don't Walk us blues 05:02 view
2003 Cuby and the Blizzards Crying tears us blues 04:22 view
2003 Cuby and the Blizzards The sky is crying us blues 05:12 view
2003 Cuby and the Blizzards You don't know us blues 04:03 view
2007 Jeff Beck (TV) Cause we ended as lovers (live) us rock, jazz, instrumental 04:41 view
Artificial Theater
year artist(-s) title lang genre dur YT view
2019 Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet Big Boson us morse prose 04:49 view
2019 Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet Quark Up us morse poetry 02:45 view
2019 Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet Quark Down us morse prose 03:42 view
2019 Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet Quark Strange de morse prose 04:14 view
2019 Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet Quark Charm us morse poetry 04:01 view
2019 Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet Quark Top us morse poetry 04:24 view
2019 Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet Quark Bottom us morse prose 03:54 view
Yellow Spring
year artist(-s) title lang genre dur YT view
2019 Arnaud L'Étendard Jaune est levé fr déclaration de soustien 03:29 view
2019 Arnaud Die Gelbe Fahne ist gehoben de Unterstützungsbekundung 04:09 view
2019 Arnaud The Yellow Banner is raised gb declaration of support 03:42 view
2019 Arnaud Lo Stendardo Giallo è levato it dichiarazione di sostegno 03:30 view
2019 Arnaud Het Gele Vaandel is gehesen nl steunbetuiging 04:09 view
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