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May 20, 2018, 05:25:46 AM
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plank Ménorable
tags marmble-effect, gold-, silver- en bronze-colours

temporary photo, flashlight
year quarter 2018 Q4
measurements (mm) 420 x 297
paintsystem alkyd/acrylic
inner special putty that crackles
front acrylic varnish
side alkyd grey
back alkyd grey
hanging system Velociraptor™
price (euro) 314635,13
weight (gram) 3200
status in stock
delivery max. 3 days
extra picture 1
temporary photo, daylight
extra picture 3
On the backside two expressions found on the ancient temple of Apollo at Delphi:
  • gnosti saitón; know thyself, and
  • méden agan; nothing in excess.
story The artefact is a depiction of the israeli-palestinian conflict; the jewish menorah with the pan-arabic colors in the background but. . . everything surrounded in bloody red. . .
legend 1) gls.=gloss | sat.=satin | mat.=matte | AEA=Alabastine multi-purpose putty
2) shipment and delivery very much depends on the customer's location
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