Author Topic: (2019-12-19) Brave HongKong-Chinese !  (Read 7 times)

July 02, 2020, 02:54:33 AM
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This is as short 'Declaration of Support' to the brave HongKong-Chinese.

The HongKong-Chinese are fighting for their political future. At least for half a year now. In fact, to the core, the social and political future of China as a whole is at stake.
There is more to it that meets the eye.
In the end the continental Chinese will benefit from this 'local' struggle. Leading to greater political freedom, greater freedom of expression, a free press, less corruption, more transparancy and enlightened governance.

The Chinese would be wise not to undertake all that in one swift move but to gradually enhance the peoples' civic prerogatives that come naturally with improved living standards. Step by step improvement without too much social friction is what we - outsiders - should be hoping for and should grant the Chinese people wholeheartedly .
The Chinese - in a greater perspective - have to decide for themselves what kind of future they want for themselves and their offspring.
If all goes well, HongKong and Taiwan will engage in ever-closer cooperation to mainland China in the near future. Possibly leading to something like the 'Chinese Economic Union'.
I regret to have to finish with the slogan 'Free Tibet', for that issue needs a proper solution also. As does the division of wealth gained from the Spratly Islands, a division shared with the Vietnamese and the Filippinos for example. This wealth should propel Asia forwards and not be an everlasting source of sorrow and conflict.
There is greater joy to share wealth with friends, without envy or fuss.
May all this be so.

In Europe we have some experience with social struggle as well.
Watch 'The Yellow Banner is raised':
Hereby I demand the immediate and unconditional release of 14 political citizens the HK-police arrested due to PRC-pressure, in mid-april. (19-apr-20 )


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