Author Topic: (2020-07-01) SHAME ON YOU !  (Read 5 times)

July 02, 2020, 02:55:53 AM
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Arnaud Rasing

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After the brutal rape of Tibet by the the PRC in the fifties which leaves the Tibetans in an utterly unhappy state eversince,
after the insane murder by the communist regime on Tien-an-Mien-square of own citizens who only demanded their civil rights to be respected,
after the present opression and detainment of the muslim minority of Uigurs,
after the aggresive approach by Bejing to claim all the resources found at the Spratly Islands out of simple greed and egoism,
after violating the two-systems-one country agreement by denying the Hong-Kong-Chinese their basic civil rights,
I am being very disappointed in the PRC.

The paranoid way the COVID-19 pandemic has been handled by the PRC has been unwise and has meanwhile become a real threat to all the people the world over.

Arrogance, secrecy and greed preceed the decline, the loss of credibility and the erosion of dignity.
The PRC should not attempt to colonize parts of Asia or to forcebly quell all voices who are not following the directives of the Chinese Communist Party.
In this world there is no room for Chinese imperialism.

I am being appalled by the lack of wisdom, the lack of sensitiviness and the lack of respect for humanity from the part of the PRC-regime.

President Xi-Jinping - cum suis -, shame on you.
You are not the kind of leader that can be trusted.

Arnaud Rasing
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
July first, 2020

1) I demand the new PRC-dictated security law for Hong Kong to be withdrawn immediately, furthermore all detained protesters are to be set free, effective immediately.
2) Unfortunately, president D. Trump cannot be trusted either nor can president V. Putin be trusted.
All the above mentioned leaders should resign for the sake of humanity and make room for sincere leaders capable of exercising enlightened governance.
3) As a Dutch citizen I demand all covert and spying operations - carried out in name of the PRC - on Dutch soil to be halted effective immediately;
do not even try to steal our technology, just return to your immoral dictatorial state, please, come back another day in better times.
Right now, representatives of the PRC-regime are no longer being welcome; for you are really posing a security threat.

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