Author Topic: (2020-04-15) Il Trumpificatore  (Read 6 times)

July 02, 2020, 03:00:21 AM
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Arnaud Rasing

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Il Trumpificatore non รจ geniale per davvero. . . . credete-mi !

POTUS Trump offers : no clarity - no transparancy - no empathy - he is just only concerned about his own political survival.
And meanwhile politicizing everything immoraly and untruely at the expense of others.
Quite contrary to the messages Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama c.s. are conveying. The latter are being decent people.
But Trump isn't.

De WHO bestraffen is uiterst onwijs in dit tijdsgewricht en zou op termijn de minder ontwikkelde landen onnodig hard doen treffen.
Laat dit gebral van Trump zelf ook niet onbestraft en onderschrijf dit initiatief van AVAAZ. (AR)
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